Why You Need To Host Your Own Events

There is a good chance you have already seen countless other spas, salons or clinics host their own events, and whether you are just launching or you’re already a well-established business, the list of benefits that come with in-house events is lengthy. Not only will you enjoy a fabulous evening (or day, depending on the event’s context) with your team, friends, family and (ideally) clients both old and new, your business can reap the rewards of any combination of the following outcomes:

Media coverage – something you should be aiming for regardless of what your event is about. Be sure to invite editors from any local newspapers, websites or relevant blogs. Any media coverage you achieve will of course do wonders for your exposure and word of mouth, your credibility and your search engine ranking. If possible, try to negotiate some pre-event coverage. This allows for readers to attend as opposed to simply reading about it after it’s already happened – particularly important for events that aren’t for new businesses/opening nights.

New clients – will undoubtedly be your first priority when hosting an event. Try not to worry too much about new signups or a ‘numbers game’ on the night. Often events are a brand building exercise, and can generate longer leads over a period of time. Exposure is key, just give it some time for word to spread. In saying that, there are methods of encouraging new clients to your event in the lead up. Again, this is where your pre-event media coverage kicks in, you could implement a boosted Facebook post to target new audiences, or utilising your current clients to encourage new guests – perhaps in the way of a ‘bring a friend’ special offer.

Building awareness – in most cases, events are simply a great way of raising awareness and building your brand, letting your neighbours know you’re there and generating a bit of buzz throughout your local area. They allow you to connect with your existing clients and encourage new ones, offer a fantastic opportunity for networking, and can even open doors to potential new contacts and partnerships in the future.

So if you love the idea of hosting an event but aren’t quite sure where to start, consider what kind of event may suit you best.

Opening Event
Probably the largest scale business event of all, the opening night for a new business is unequivocally one to celebrate, and you won’t have to be too picky about who’s invited. Your guest list should really include an ‘all are welcome’ policy, and strong social media campaigns and media invitations are absolutely crucial. Your aim for this event is to spread the word, as best as you possibly can. Don’t forget to include some drinks and nibbles for guests, provide a presentation with some insight into the business, and allow an opportunity for your guests to get to know you and what makes your brand special.

A great type of event for pre-established businesses that want to build a bit of credibility, educational events are a great opportunity to present yourself as an expert and leader in your field. Even if you’re playing host for a guest expert to speak at the event, as the facilitator, you will still receive the same expert affiliation from attendees. A great example of this executed well is Sydney’s renowned celebrity skin clinic All Saints, who recently hosted their  ‘The Science of Gut Health’ wellness workshops in March this year. Guests were invited to experience complimentary refreshments and a presentation and Q&A with in-house Nutritionist and skin specialist Chiza Westcarr as she spoke about all things gut health and its connection to wellbeing.

New Services
The introduction of new services, treatments and offerings to your business is a welcome opportunity to invite guests, new and existing, to learn more. In fact, in many cases you may have an opportunity to educate guests on treatments that aren’t particularly new to your business, but if they include new technologies or incorporate fresh or ‘timely’ industry trends, they may still be of great interest to guests, and (ideally) media.

Another great example is Clear Complexions, who are currently showcasing their ‘Ageing With Confidence’ events across all of their 6 Australian clinics. Guests are treated to bubbles and canapes on arrival before an informative presentation by clinic founder Suzie Hoitink, plus live demonstrations of their newest and most popular skin treatments. The next event will be held on May 23, and you can sign up here.