The Top 4 Techs For A Summer-Ready Body

Did you know now is the perfect time to launch your summer promotions? Everything we associate with a “bikini-ready body” — smooth, hair-free skin, toned tummies and killer thighs, actually takes a bit of pre-preparation and patience. So make sure your clients know that leaving summer grooming to the last minute will mean more time in the treatment room on those sultry summer days when they could be kicking back on the beach with a mojito instead. Here we look at the top 4 transformative technologies to start pushing now for a carefree and confident summer ahead.

  1. Pollogen LEGEND

Beach-ready benefits: Fat and cellulite reduction, skin tightening, stretch mark reduction

Pollogen LEGEND is a sophisticated skin and body workstation that performs as a RF skin tightening machine, Dynamic Muscle Activation muscle toning, dermal volumising microneedling and tri-fractional skin resurfacing — yes — all in the one machine. While results are visible from the first treatment, a course of treatments in the lead up to summer will have your clients slimmed, trimmed, toned, lifted, smoothed and radiant by the time the hot weather hits.

  1. UltraLUX V4

Beach-ready benefits: Pain-free Super Hair Removal (SHR), body sculpting, skin tightening, photorejuvenation

Another multi-treatment aesthetics workstation that is a powerhouse on wheels is the UltraLUX V4 SHR IPL machine. With 11 high foot traffic treatments loaded into the one device, clinicians can sculpt, tone, trim and tighten, as well as deliver breakthrough painless SHR hair removal (great for legs and thighs), and tackle pigmentation and sun damaged skin from summer’s past. When you can open up a head-to-toe beauty clinic with just this one machine alone, you know you’re onto something special!

  1. SlimLUX

Beach-ready benefits: Face and body fat reduction, cellulite removal, skin tightening, sonophoresis facials

If you’re looking for a machine dedicated to banishing winter bulges, the SlimLUX fat cavitation machine is the ticket. Boasting ultrasound fat cavitation for effective circumferential fat and cellulite removal, and RF technology for instant and long-term skin tightening, SlimLUX is designed to boost your client’s body image confidence with all-over sculpting and skin toning. As an added bonus, the machine also performs sonophoresis skin infusion facials, allowing clinicians to drive active topicals and nutrients deeper into the dermis for more dramatic skin corrective results.

  1. Criocuum

Beach-ready benefits: Fat and cellulite removal, skin elasticity improvement, toxin clearance

Another way to non-surgically remove unwanted fat pockets is through the application of intense cold temperatures, a process called ‘cell apoptosis’. Criocuum is an advanced fat freezing machine that has the intelligent ability to treat 2 separate body parts at once (great time optimiser in the treatment room). With Criocuum, only 3 sessions are required per treatment zone for optimum results, however the sessions are spaced at 6-12 weeks apart to allow the fat elimination process to take full effect. This just means that the sooner your clients get started, the sooner they can peel off their winter layers with confidence this summer.

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