How COVID-19 Is Prompting New Tech For Spas

This may be a step towards the future of spas.

The endless changes we have had to make in the wake of COVID-19 has prompted us all to start thinking in very different ways, which has led to some exciting new innovations, initiatives and inventions. This is one of the latest – a new tech device out of the US which can facilitate businesses (including salons, clinics and day spas) to carefully monitor cleaning procedures and hygiene standards, both by its staff and its clientele.

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Tech company Digital Seat Media has developed an innovative new tool called Safety Scan, which utilises adhesive tags that can be placed on almost any surface within the business, and will then link information to an online platform. Each tag displays a unique QR code, which when scanned with a mobile device, takes the user through either a customer journey or an employee journey.

For employees, when a tag is scanned, they can report when that tag’s corresponding surface or object has been sanitised, check when that area was last sanitised, or even request a cleaning. All scans and requests are recorded on a virtual dashboard, and reports are available for viewing at any time. 

For visitors to the business, once the tag has been scanned, they will also be taken to a simple cleaning report, showing the date and time that object or surface was last cleaned. It also allows for users to report problems or concerns with that object.

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“Safety Scan represents a commitment from businesses to their customers that cleanliness and security are paramount,” said Cameron Fowler, Safety Scan Founder. “Our platform allows you to go far beyond simply saying that you take sanitisation seriously; you’ll be able to prove it. Our real-time analytics provide a level of transparency and sense of security that customers are looking for during these uncertain times.”

Unfortunately, Smart Scan is only available in the US, so we may have to wait a little longer for this type of solution to one day reach our shores. These types of developments do, however, continue to evolve our industry landscape as we know it, driving consumer expectations of cleanliness upwards, and setting new standards when it comes to accountability and information sharing, and experts are expecting meticulous hygiene to become a top priority for new-age, post-COVID clients throughout the spa, wellness and aesthetics industries.

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