11 Ways To Retain A Beautiful Guest Journey While Being COVID-Safe

Here’s how to inject some warmth and personality back into what may feel like very clinical times

It’s a whole new world right now, both outside and within your spa business. Many precautions and procedures you now have to follow, including no-touch policies, constant hand sanitising, medical waivers and PPE, can often threaten to take the warmth and soul out of your sensorial spa experience, but we are here to assure you – don’t be disheartened. Following crucial safety precautions doesn’t have to detract from your spa journey, and there are things you can do to work towards having the best of both worlds.

1. Present your safety measures with some personality. As opposed to simply typing up, printing and displaying your precautionary measures on a white sheet of paper, custom print them on a beautiful design that incorporates your branding, or do the same thing in video slideshow format to play on a loop in your reception space.

2. Incorporate scent. With such pressure placed on visitors to constantly sanitise and not touch anything, making use of the sense of smell has never been more important. Mask that clinic scent of isopropyl and heavy duty cleaners with candles, diffusers or essential oils that reflect who you are as a business and make your clients feel at home. 

3. Give gifts – small tokens that your clients can take with them and bring your spa into their own home. This can be a deeply touching and personalised experience for clients. Perhaps a sample of your signature scent dropped onto a card or clay bracelet? Or perhaps you could provide each client with their own unique affirmation, presented in a small gift bag? Or if you are offering any virtual wellness services, you could consider gifting free access to in-clinic clients. A small gesture of some kind, which can often mean the world.

4. Display fresh flowers. Nothing breathes life and warmth into a space quite like a fresh bouquet, or living greenery.

5. If you’re sending your COVID-19 waivers to clients digitally prior to appointments, send them accompanied by a personalised greeting. Nobody likes a soulless medical waiver at the best of times, and many of your clients may be feeling apprehensive about visiting you already. Give them something to smile about.

6. Purchase some washable masks for your team that reflect your business’ personality or chosen colours. 

7. You don’t have to strip your beautiful linen from your beds. Click here to read our tips on keeping up bed hygiene while maintaining your spa’s style.

8. Decant your cleaning products into unmarked vessels, as elegant, minimalist or on-brand as you like, and invest in some brightly-coloured or on-brand cleaning cloths.

9. If there are aspects of your treatments that you are no longer performing for safety reasons, don’t just remove them. Swap them out with some no-touch wellness alternatives. For example, if you would normally perform a foot bathing ritual but are forgoing it at the moment, perform a few minutes of meditation or breathing exercises with your client instead.

10. Have some custom social distancing markers printed for your floors. You can design these however you like, incorporating your branding and colours, anything to give them some style and personality.

11. You’ve likely taken away your regular tea station – offer to serve clients some signature spa tea in disposable cups instead.

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