Internationally Renowned Dermatologist, Dr Shangli Lin, Is Coming To Sydney To Talk All Things Laser And RF Microneedling

Dr Lin’s insights promise to unveil the revolutionary features that have positioned Potenza as a standout in the industry.

Sydney is gearing up for a game-changing event as internationally acclaimed dermatologist, Dr Shangli Lin, is poised to enlighten attendees with a showcase on the transformative capabilities of the Potenza RF by Cynosure.

Potenza is a unique RF microneedling device that utilises both monopolar and bipolar radiofrequency at either 1 or 2MHz within a single device, resulting in the formation of four distinct RF modes.

Dr Lin is a board-certified dermatologist and one of the most renowned speakers in the field of aesthetic medicine. He founded Shangli Dermatologic & Aesthetic Clinic in Taipei 12 years ago and has been giving lectures and training sessions in numerous global conferences and workshops for years.

Boasting an array of tips, needle alignment choices, and the capacity to address diverse areas, the versatility of Potenza is unparalleled. This flexibility not only enhances the patient experience, but also widens the scope of treatment possibilities for practitioners.

Another standout feature of Potenza is its unparalleled efficiency in driving topicals into the skin. Compared to other devices, Potenza achieves a remarkable 67% increase in the absorption of topicals, offering a cost-effective solution for the utilisation of active skincare products, ensuring maximal benefit for the patient.

Dr Lin’s discussion will delve into the groundbreaking collagen boosting capability, a hallmark of Potenza. This innovative aspect underscores the device’s process in stimulating collagen production on three distinct levels, ensuring a holistic and enduring rejuvenation of the skin tissue.

We caught up with Dr Lin to find out his reasonings of why Potenza is one of his top selected modalities in practice.

Dr Shangli Lin

Dr Lin, what are some of the most common skin concerns you encounter in Taiwan?

Asian women are quite keen on smooth, bright and flawless skin. Apart from spots or uneven pigmentation on the skin, many people are concerned about their pores, fine wrinkles and skin firmness as well.

What made you decide to work with Cynosure, in particular, the Potenza?

While Picosure targets mainly the epidermal problems and is an amazing device for the aging spots and pigments, and HIFU and the traditional RF devices are frequently used to treat deep dermis to subcutaneous fat for skin tightening, not many devices on the market can cover the indications in the dermal area between the epidermis and the subcutaneous area.

Potenza is one of the few devices that covers the indications of this dermal segment, and can treat these indications very well! Therefore, to me, Potenza is the final piece of the puzzle.

What skin conditions can you treat with the Potenza?

Potenza is truly a versatile device with a lot of potential. By selecting the different RF frequencies, the RF delivery configurations, pulse durations, enery levels and depths, I can create a tremendous number of parameter combinations for a lot of different indications, and even for the same condition the parameter can be totally differet in different sessions, in order to achieve the optimal results.

The conditions I frequently treat with Potenza, are wrinkles, pores, acne scars, facial skin laxity, neck lines, jawlines and body skin laxity. 

What do your patients like about the treatment, maybe even in comparison to other similar modalities?

Minimal downtime, good treatment comfort and satisfying results are the frequently mentioned parts they like about the treatment. In quite a few patients they like Potenza because they can have multiple problems solved with only one device, just by using different parameters, which is fascinating to them.

Can you please explain the enhanced topical penetration with the Potenza?

One of the benefits of microneedling RF, is the fact that we can use it to enhancce the drug penetration through the channels the needles already create, after we treat other skin conditions. However, not every device can do this efficiently.

The Fusion Tip of Potenza, by applying a negative pressure onto the skin while needling, is penetrating the skin, which can increase the drug delivery up to 67%!

What are some body concerns you can treat?

Stretch marks and abdominal skin laxity are very good indications for Potenza. And the results are usually quite satisfying.

In a nutshell, why would you recommend the Potenza to other practitioners?

Potenza is a device that can really cover a lot of indications the we enounter on the daily basis. It never bores me, and it complements well with Picosure. Therefore, I definitely recommend Potenza!

Cynosure event details:

Date: Thursday 7th March, 7:00pm

Venue: The Sunroom at Ivy, 330 George St, Sydney

RSVP: Via the link here.

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