What You Need To Consider For Finding The Right Topical Post-Procedure Product

Is there such a thing?

Finding the ‘perfect’ post-procedure product is something that does require some consideration. Not only must you consider what procedure you have just performed (ablative LASER, IPL, micro-needling or radio-frequency for example), skin conditions and presentations also must be taken into consideration – ensuring your client or patient gains the maximum benefit of the treatment whilst decreasing their recovery time, or mitigating any post-procedural adverse events.

Two notable post-procedure products suitable for these types of treatments and significantly benefit all skin types are the recently launched Velež Masks by High Tech Medical, and CosMedi Repair Recovery Cream.

What truly makes a post-procedure product stand out? We speak to each of the companies below to find out.

Velež Masks – High Tech Medical

We are excited to announce intensely hydrating Velež masks as the latest addition to our results-driven line-up, which is the perfect complement to our other performance-based brands.

How are the masks developed?

Velež masks are intense post-treatment hydration masks featuring award-winning technology to rapidly restore, soothe and cool compromised skin.

Originally developed to assist accelerated healing for injured and traumatised skin, the biotech multi-patented material of Velež masks promotes rapid skin restoration making it the perfect post- treatment solution.

Made of a natural, renewable biopolymer of 100% pure cellulose, the unique material properties feature a complex, interwoven 3D-nanostructured fibre network that ensures controlled delivery of optimal, long-lasting hydration which leads to a cooling effect, reducing skin temperature by 4° C.

What was the reasoning for the mask’s development and what are its benefits?

Developed for dry and post-procedure skin, Velež masks have a high water content that delivers deep hydration penetration while providing immediate cooling relief for up to 2 hours.

This soothing effect helps reduce visible redness, puffiness and irritation, providing rapid post-treatment comfort and skin restoration. The masks do not contain preservatives or additives and are sterile, making them ideal for sensitised skin.

Individually designed for the face, eye contour, neck and body, Velež masks act as a physical protective film against environmental aggressors while also enhancing the absorption and efficacy of serums and moisturisers for accelerated results.

The high viscosity of the material which allows for a controlled release of hydration over a period of 2 hours, delivers deep penetration into the skin with continued hydration effects after application, resulting in a smoother and plumper complexion.

Self-adhering and bio-compatible, they give the user the ability to apply immediately after a treatment, be mobile and can be removed painlessly and effortlessly at home.

CosMedi Repair

Pictured: CosMedi Repair’s founders Kimberly George and Emilie Kirk

Why CosMedi Repair?

The name “CosMedi Repair” was carefully chosen to reflect both the essence of our product and its primary purpose within the cosmetics and medical industry.

The word “Repair” in our name signifies the fundamental focus and primary purpose of CosMedi Repair cream. Our product is designed to repair and rejuvenate the skin after cosmetic procedures, ensuring optimal post-procedure care.

This includes soothing relief from the symptoms of soft tissue trauma, support for wound healing and enhanced skin repair, relief from inflammation, reduced redness, and pain reduction. Additionally, it addresses skin irritation, decreases skin sensitivity, enhances collagen formation, reduces scarring, increases skin hydration, and provides antioxidant and antimicrobial properties for minor cuts and abrasions.

CosMedi Repair is now an internationally registered trademark, reflecting our commitment to protecting our brand’s identity and ensuring its recognition on a global scale.

We have also secured an international patent for our unique formulation, showcasing our dedication to innovation and delivering a product that stands out in the market.

CosMedi Repair ultimately represents a commitment to delivering innovative medicinal skincare. It signifies the synergy between cosmetic and medicinal elements, encapsulating our mission to revolutionise post-procedure skincare through science and innovation. 

How can the cream be utilised post-procedure?

The utilisation of CosMedi Repair post-procedure is a pivotal component in the journey toward optimal recovery and skin health. In the world of cosmetic procedures and surgeries, the body’s natural healing processes are incredible, but they greatly benefit from the support and care they can receive.

Effective post-procedure care is often underestimated, yet it plays a critical role in achieving the best possible outcomes. Without proper care, the road to recovery can be longer and more uncomfortable.

CosMedi Repair sets a new standard in this domain, formulated to enhance the skin’s natural recovery processes, potentially shortening the duration of visible side effects and optimising the healing journey.

Traditionally, post-procedure care has involved using a combination of products targeting specific concerns, such as antimicrobial creams, scar gels, moisturisers, and hydrocortisone creams. CosMedi Repair simplifies this approach by offering a holistic solution that provides comprehensive and consistent care.

Beyond aesthetics, it reduces discomforts such as skin sensitivity, redness, and swelling. Moreover, well-nurtured skin post-procedure helps ward off potential infections, enhancing the skin’s protective function.

What benefits does the cream provide?

Designed by a team of scientists and professionals, our cream is meticulously formulated to address the specific needs of individuals after undergoing cosmetic procedures and surgeries. 

One of the primary benefits of CosMedi Repair is its ability to provide soothing relief from the symptoms of soft tissue trauma. Cosmetic procedures, regardless of their nature, cause trauma, discomfort and various side effects. Our cream is expertly crafted to ease this discomfort, offering relief to the skin and alleviating pain and inflammation.

What sets CosMedi Repair apart is its scientific foundation. As a TGA Registered Medicine, we don’t simply make claims; we have substantiated them with rigorous scientific evidence.

With 27 permitted indications (substantiated scientific claims), our cream stands as a symbol of unwavering commitment to safety, quality, and efficacy. 

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