Meet The ‘Viagra’ Of Skincare

We spoke to founder Dani Andreevski about the launch of Synth Labs Intl. newest product.

We receive a lot of press releases on the latest skincare releases, so we are always intrigued when something as striking as Synth Labs Intl. lands in our inbox. Its aim is straightforward; neo-beauty with a cerebral approach to deconstructing and reimaging skincare. The latest release, bang gang! formula: aphrodisia serum, is a contrate and serum that work together to trigger proteasome activity and cellular regeneration. In short, when the two are ‘gang banged’ together, it creates a love potion for the skin.

We spoke to co-founder Dani Andreevski on the Viagra of skincare, the future of A-Beauty and how to be so-gosh-darn cool. We don’t know about you, but we feel a crush coming on.

What inspired you to take this new unconventional approach to skincare?

There was already a plethora of skincare clones on the market that if we wanted to be serious about disrupting the beauty status quo, we needed to look at conventional skincare concerns and tackle those concerns unconventionally.

Ultimately Synth Labs Intl. is the result of our fantasies of what A-Beauty could be, visionary and based in science without fear-based marketing.

Where did the idea for aphrodisiac skincare come from? How does bang gang! work?

The idea came about after research with our cosmetic scientists, we wanted a world-class product that contained intriguing but research-proven ingredients, and it ultimately had to perform kind of like Viagra.

It was that performance aspect that led us to develop the aphrodisiac technology utilising state-of-the-art active compounds known for their aphrodisiac qualities that have benefits beyond anti-aging such as boosting circulation, superior antioxidant capabilities due to flavonoids which also arouse proteasome activity and promote cell turnover.

Our first two products are a humectant based serum and an emollient/occlusive based concentrate that when “bang ganged” together create what we call a love potion that can be applied in one simple step or alternatively the products can be layered.

Australians aren’t hung up on 3-step-skincare routines although we take skincare seriously we want to have fun, so bang gang! is designed to be polyamorous, mixed and played with.

Your first product chill! took the internet by storm. Why do you think this product had such cut-through in the saturated market of skincare?

I think our customers recognised that not only did this Australian-made, vegan product tick all the boxes in terms of gentle yet effective, cruelty-free, micro-batch formula, but it also had a unique point of difference in that it was mixed fresh then frozen for an at-home cryo treatment and it was an antidote to what was already on offer, it is special, peculiar yet innovative so that definitely helped set us apart from the pack.

You mention the fetishisation of new beauty products – What do you mean by that?

With bang gang! it is our way of holding up a mirror to a beauty industry obsessed with the fetishisation of new beauty products.

Our insatiability of new beauty products is due to the digital world we inhabit, we are a digitally native brand and that shaped our concept behind bang gang! – a non-monogamous range that you can work into any routine with any product allowing you to concoct bespoke skincare that is deeply personal to you.

Self-care by its very nature is fetishistic, a ritual of self-indulgent hedonism done when you are usually by yourself, in a state of undress, there’s an intimacy aspect in skincare that feels gratifying, freeing yet empowering otherwise we wouldn’t do it every day and night.

The digital world is obsessed with the fetishisation of new beauty products, bang gang! is the manifestation of exactly that idea.

Also have such a unique aesthetic and branding – how can we be as cool as Synth Labs Intl.?

Follow us on Instagram and TikTok and use our Instagram filters while applying our skincare, you’ll be cooler than ice-cold chill! in no time!


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