La Roche-Posay Raises Awareness On Men’s Skin Health

How the renowned experts in sun protection aim to raise awareness about men’s skin health and overall wellbeing during International Men’s Health Week.

Skin cancer statistics reveal that it is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in men, following prostate cancer. Alarmingly, men have double the rate of skin cancer compared to women. With many men unaware of the risks and fewer than one-third regularly using sunscreen, recent collaboration with LA ROCHE-POSAY and URBNSURF has aimed to highlight the importance of men’s skin health, particularly among those engaged in recreational sports and outdoor work. The goal was to engage men in conversations about regular skin checks and preventive measures.

Research indicates that individuals participating in water-based sports face an increased risk of Ultraviolet Radiation (UVR) exposure due to the reflective properties of water and sand. Water and sand reflect more than six times the amount of UVR than grass, leading to higher UVR exposure, sun damage, and skin-related issues. For water-sport enthusiasts like surfers, regular application of sunscreen and routine skin checks should be a priority.

“We are proud to collaborate with URBNSURF and offer free skin checks, in association with our long-term charity partner, Skin Check Champions, to the URBNSURF team and the broader community during International Men’s Health Week.”

Rachel McAdam, Scientific Communications Manager

Alongside free skin checks, the collaboration commenced with an exclusive panel discussion. Media representatives and influencers had the chance to hear insights from a panel consisting of esteemed individuals, including Professor Emma George, Director of the Centre for Male Health; Dr. Ryan de Cruz, a dermatologist; Rachel McAdam, Scientific Communications Manager at LA ROCHE-POSAY; Bruce Rolph from Skin Check Champions; and Jarryd Roughead, former Hawthorn captain of the Australian Football League (AFL). The panel was hosted by AFL legend Dermott Brereton, who recently shared his personal journey with skin cancer.

“Our goal, in partnership with LA ROCHE-POSAY, is to conduct 5,000 skin checks this year. We know that early detection can treat 98% of skin cancers, making this partnership an incredible opportunity to educate men, surfers, and the wider community about the importance of skin health and routine checks.”

Scott Maggs, Founder and CEO of Skin Check Champions

LA ROCHE-POSAY and Skin Check Champions offered free skin checks at URBNSURF Tullamarine in Melbourne for a few days in June. LA ROCHE-POSAY also provided sun-safe advice and Anthelios SPF50+ sunscreen application stations throughout the surf park during this period.

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