Hair And Skin Science Is Bringing Its PRP and PRF Treatments To WA

Dedicated to PRF and PRP treatments, Hair and Skin Science is getting ready to open the doors of its newest clinic. 

In which lucky city, you ask? Perth! 

Come September, those living in the sunny capital of WA who are seeking treatments that utilise Platelet Rich Plasma or Fibrin technologies need look no further. In their newest clinic, Hair and Skin Science will, of course, be offering PRP hair loss treatments, as well as PRF hair loss treatments in Perth, among many others!

PRP or PRF for hair loss and skin rejuvenation is as popular as ever. From the moment they first came on the scene, the treatments have been rivalling the popularity of injectables and fillers; suitable for anyone who is after a minimal, but noticeable refresh. 

Incredible hair restoration results using PRP and PRF

Incredibly, PRP/PRF technology works by harnessing the power of the body’s own plasma. First, a small sample of blood is collected, then it is put through a centrifuge at a very high, or slightly lower speed, depending on the customer’s desired objective. Finally, it is injected back into the patient’s target area to stimulate hair growth or improve the complexion. This is where the magic happens. PRP and PRF can help with hair loss and thinning, acne scarring, the appearance of pores, UV damage – the list goes on. 

PRP being performed at Hair and Skin Science

The allure of non-surgical options for addressing multiple concerns has only been intensified by a post-lockdown landscape. A renewed pull towards wanting to look your absolute best is confirmed by Dr. Cara Ting from Hair and Skin Science, who told us: “moving forward…people are very keen to do things that make them feel good about themselves.”

Having already executed over 50,000 of these treatments in 12 clinics across NSW, VIC, QLD, Hair and Skin Science is Australia’s largest provider of PRP/PRF-based approaches. With personalised treatments starting from $230 that produce rapid results, it’s no wonder they’ve built such a positive reputation. 

Since 2016, after recognising a need for advanced hair and skin treatments offered at a more accessible price-point, the team at Hair and Skin Science have been intent on delivering just that; a range of highly affordable, yet effective services, without sacrificing a high-standard of practice. 

Hair and Skin Science Co-Director, Jenna Chan

It has always been important to Director Jenna Chan, that almost all these services be “performed by registered nurses and supported by Australian medical doctors.” Indeed, Hair and Skin Science can proudly say 97% of their treatments are carried out this way.

Testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to its initial mission is that, what started as a family run business, is now a trusted and ubiquitous national name. 

Of course, Hair and Skin Science is not stopping there. We can expect two more brand new clinics this year, one in St Leonards in NSW and one in Berwick in VIC. Beyond that, Co-Director Royce Newton tells us he can see four more on the horizon in 2023.

This article is sponsored by Hair and Skin Science.

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