Stratamed Scar Reduction Education

August 10, 2016 @ 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm

A new topical treatment for post-procedure care, wound healing and scar management, Stratamed, “is the first film-forming silicone gel-based wound dressing approved for use on open wounds and compromised skin”, according to its manufacturers, Swiss pharmaceutical giant Stratpharma.

“It allows prevention of abnormal scarring to begin earlier than ever before, which significantly reduces the likelihood and severity of abnormal scarring.”

Stratamed is typically used after general and cosmetic surgery, dermatological interventions such as laser treatments, trauma, many types of burns, chronic wounds and so forth, to promote faster wound healing, reduced inflammatory response and to improve the visible outcome of the procedure/injury.

General surgeon and dermatologist Professor Leonardo Marini is visiting Australia in August to conduct dinner meetings around the country.

Dr Marini, medical and scientific director of The Skin Doctors’ Centre of Trieste, Italy, and an international expert in laser therapy and dermatology, will discuss post-laser rejuvenation with Stratpharma silicone gel products.

The dinner meetings (6.30-9.30pm) will be held in Perth, August 10; Melbourne, August 24; Gold Coast, August 25; Brisbane, August 29; and Sydney, August 30. There will be an Adelaide webinar on August 29.


Patients have high expectations following laser procedures. How can you achieve the best results? The dinner meetings with Professor Marini will encompass:

  • Introduction to Fotona Laser and clinical opinion of how and why Professor Marini uses the Fotona Laser to achieve optimal skin rejuvenation
  • Advanced silicone formulations as a primary dressing. The history and rationale for medical use post-laser.
  • Video presentations from and interactive discussion with Professor Marini on procedures and post-laser wound management.
  • New indications, thoughts, tips and insights to achieve the best outcome for your patient.
  • Question and answer session.
  • Meeting closed.

To book a place at a dinner meeting call 1800 567 007 or email

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