This Industry Expert Is Helping Turn Dermal Therapists Into Business Owners

With 35 years of diverse industry experience under her belt, Joanne Reid, founder of UpSkilled Beauty, has a lot to offer burgeoning beauty professionals. 

Setting out with the goal to turn traditional training for beauty professionals on its head, Joanne is tapping into the invaluable experience she’s gained throughout her many roles to deliver workshops that offer everything but a one-size-fits-all approach. 

A qualified beauty therapist, salon manager, technology distributer and trainer, IPL specialist and even the proud owner of a successful home-based salon, she’s faced and been disappointed by the way education is delivered at every turn. 

“The way education has been delivered to therapists doesn’t match their unique learning style. It’s lacking interaction, flexibility and most importantly, dedicated hands-on activities,” says Joanne. 

Harnessing her decades of experience, therapists from businesses of all sizes can request a wide range of workshops including advanced skin rejuvenation modalities, personally crafted refresher training or even training on being your own boss.

Joanne Reid, Founder of UpSkilled Beauty

“UpSkilled Beauty training sessions are designed to empower and inspire beauty therapists. We help to fill an education gap you may have as a salon owner or help you introduce a new service to your business,” says Joanne.

“We know that all therapists and salon owners’ needs are going to be individual to them and our training is totally customised in content and flexible in delivery to cover all needs.

“Where we can, the training will be in your salon. After a year like 2020 I am sure therapists will be enthusiastic for some face to face training in their space. Having said that, the ability to do a component of theory online may be necessary in light of industry changes so will be incorporated into training modules for those who are unable to do face to face sessions given border restrictions and shutdowns.”

And, Upskilled Beauty courses are not just for business owners. “We provide training that helps you improve your hands-on skill set to get you back into the industry after a break or help you hustle as a therapist to become a business owner.”

Budding spa or clinic business owners can expect complete support throughout every aspect of starting a business with Joanne by their side. 

“Firstly, we discuss a brief of your expectations and outcomes. This is truly the most important conversation to start with, as a start-up business. You need to ask yourself: What is your why? And who is your market?

“We run through everything from budgets to logistics, demographics to marketing and everything in between,” says Joanne. “Like everything about UpSkilled Beauty, the sessions revolve around your needs as no two businesses will be the same. Some may hit a few hurdles and take more time, others may breeze through and be done in 6 weeks so I offer ongoing support if needed.”

As a successful home-based salon owner, Joanne’s expertise extends beyond traditional retail spaces and her courses are a great starter for beauty therapists wanting to start small from the comfort of their home. But, Joanne has some sage advice before starting. 

“I would say to anyone wanting to start a home-based business, don’t give up your day job. You will not go from 0 to 100% the first week of opening your doors.”

“You need that back up income or if you aren’t working then start with a day or two dedicated to the business and build on that. Before you dive in, do your homework and do the maths!” advises Joanne. “How many salons are already around you? Who are your competitors? What do they do well and what is your point of difference going to be?

“In terms of the maths, how much is your budget and how long can you afford to wait to earn the dollars?”

Of course, you don’t need to have everything worked out on your own as Joanne’s passionate support will empower you through even the earliest stages. 

“Being your own boss is an amazingly powerful position to be in. I would feel privileged to help any therapist on that journey to success.”


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