7 Ways To Grow When The Business Is Closed

Don’t let closed doors keep you from growing your brand 

We understand that this is an incredibly turbulent time, and that small businesses are suffering immensely. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and we can choose to use this time as an opportunity for growth, planning, setting goals and future-proofing. Why not utilise the quietness to strategise, come up with new innovations, improve your own skillset, and maybe try some new things that, up until now, you just hadn’t had time for?

Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Set up e-commerce

Considering you’re still allowed to retail during this time, online sales should be one of your priorities. If you don’t already have an online store – create one. If you do, pump some energy and love into it, share it all over your social media, get it ranking well on google, and make sure all your products are up to date and postage information visible. Be sure to add a section about contactless drop-offs or pickups if you are offering these.

2. Send personalised e-mails to clients

One way to make sure your clients come back when you reopen is to stay in touch with them. Of course, posting on socials and sending out e-mail blasts to your database is important, but if you now have the time, why not send personalised messages to your core clientele? Ask them how they are doing, inform them where they are at in your treatment plan, and the options they have to keep going on their skin journey whilst they can’t physically see you. The more personal, the better.

3. Youtubing or Instagram TV
Now is the ideal time to start a Youtube channel or pump out lots of video content on Instagram TV. Most business owners and practitioners are not super confident with interviews or creating videos, but you have the chance to really grow your skills in this area right now. Consider creating some videos around how your clients can incorporate wellness and beauty into their at-home routine, demonstrate how to use certain products or how to carry out some at-home spa treatments.

4. Podcasting
Podcasts were already growing rapidly in popularity before COVID-19 hit – now is an even more perfect time to jump on the microphone. Create some content around your areas of specialty; skin, wellness, nutrition, or interview some other industry experts you’ve always wanted to chat to. 

5. Blogging
This is another example of something so many business owners have wanted to take on for a while but just never find the time. Now is that time! Create some killer content to give your clients something to read while they wait for your doors to re-open. Here are some topic ideas to get you started.

6. Journalling
Remember, there is an end to this pandemic and you will (if you put your mind to it!) resume business when that time comes. Strategising for the future is absolutely something you can, and should, be focusing on. Journalling through this time may also help alleviate some anxiety! Here’s how.

7. Team Strategy

As above – get your team together (virtually of course) and discuss your future plans and ideas, and how you can come out on top of this – together!

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