On Beaute Is On A Mission To Educate Beauty Consumers

The new candid review platform is set to disrupt the industry for the better.

It’s no secret that the beauty and skincare industry is rife with misinformation. Many brands are guilty of tapping into trends and promising a wonder product when the reality is every consumer’s skin is different. The industry is saturated with paid reviews and eco-badges, but transparency is lacking.

Enter: On Beaute (pronounced “beauty”), a new online resource packed with candid, un-biased interviews from the industry’s experts. Dubbed the “rotten tomatoes” for beauty, On Beaute is a brand new consumer-focused platform, filled with industry and consumer reviews of beauty products, including medical-grade skincare, and interviews with industry experts such as cosmetic surgeons.

Although primarily a consumer-targeted platform, On Beaute also offers a great way for aesthetic industry professionals to monitor the market and see what’s popular — and could be a great resource to recommend to clients looking to shake up their skincare routine between treatments.

Chanella Buck

Here, we chat with founder and e-tail and marketing expert, Chanella Buck, to find out more about how On Beaute is cutting through the noise and why the skincare and beauty industry needs an education platform now more than ever.

What inspired the launch of On Beaute?

CB: For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by beauty. I started as an intern in the industry 11 years ago and it’s safe to say I have learned how to decipher between an effective product and one that is bolstered by marketing wizardry.

The idea for On Beaute came to me when I was standing in Space NK wanting to buy a much-hyped product at the time. It was expensive, so I was keen to justify my purchase and tried to search for a review written by an accredited journalist; however, I had to sift through a wealth of content in order to find it.

I thought if we always check rottentomatoes.com before seeing a movie at the cinema, why is there nothing like this for the Beauty Industry – one that is rife with bias and paid partnerships? This fueled my mission to create the first neutral platform, entirely independent from Brands, that would fairly aggregate industry reviews, #noAd #noSpon.

Why is education around skincare and cosmetics so important, especially when it comes to medical-grade products?

CB: With the boom of influencers on social media, there is a lot of miseducation on product ingredients,  application and usage. On Beaute is putting the spotlight back onto experienced industry leaders and professionals with a wealth of knowledge and verified experience; ultimately providing an authoritative safe space for users away from the noise of social ads, paid collabs and marketing.

What do you hope the platform will achieve in terms of educating customers and brands as well?

CB: Our aim is to provide the most efficient method of extracting relevant and trustworthy information for our Users; all of our reviews are capped to 300 characters and cite the original source. I fundamentally believe in the phrase “knowledge is power”; the better informed consumers are about the beauty product they’re considering purchasing, the better choices they will make. We live in a world where impulse buying leads to mass wastage and ultimately, On Beauty aims to change those wasteful habits into smarter ones.

How do you think industry professionals can benefit from On Beaute?

CB: We have set On Beaute up as a platform to not only benefit our users, but industry professionals too. Industry professionals are able to create and manage their own profiles, not only providing another platform for their reviews, but also elevating their SEO and domain authority. We always cite the original source from which their quote was extracted, which generates further traffic to their own articles and published content. When industry professionals sign up and publish their work directly onto our platform, we always ask them to provide the URL to link to any content they deem relevant to their review. By boosting traffic and providing them with another platform to showcase their work, we hope to put the spotlight firmly back onto authentic reviews with real authority.


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