How Is Shaking Up The Aesthetics Industry

Thinking of investing in your small business but lacking the funds? is here to match you with the perfect business loan for you., Australia’s most intelligent loan marketplace, is set to shake up the aesthetics and beauty industry with its new artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The new fintech finance platform takes the stress out of finding a loan by using AI to match individuals and businesses with the right loans for them, allowing more businesses to upgrade devices and invest in expansion.

From lockdowns to re-openings, the past two years have been a turbulent time for the beauty and aesthetics industry to say the least, and many small business owners are seeking affordable ways to invest in their clinics in order to grow. has been matching clinics across Australia with access to leading lenders throughout the pandemic, allowing them to compare and match with the most competitive loans from over 60 lenders.

The team at

“Our vision is to enable easy access to finance for small businesses and everyday Australians, through the use of a combination of proprietary technology, AI and a team of finance experts,” the company says in a statement.

The process itself is quick and simple and the initial application takes less than five minutes to complete. All you need to do is fill in your loan details and personal details, then the algorithm will provide you with the most competitive loan options available — you then choose your lender and submit your application. The team at will perform all necessary checks before your application is approved. Business owners and individuals have the potential to be pre-approved for a loan in just 24 hours.

We can compare over 60 lenders and the client’s specific eligibility with those lenders without actually putting a footprint on the credit file. That means a far more transparent and seamless experience for the client.

Julian Fayad, founder of

“The AI actually functions in the background, and it uses historical data to help pair [the borrower] with the most suitable lender based on their specific scenario,” explains founder Julian Fayad in an interview with fintech news platform Ticker. “We’ll find a lower rate and we’ll find the lenders that will say yes, and the likelihood of achieving approval is far higher using this method.”’s Sean Amato

Finance Broker Sean Amato recently joined and has an in-depth understanding of raising finance for the beauty and aesthetics industry from his 8+ years experience of running finance companies in the UK. Having spotted a gap in the market he has recently partnered with vendors and setting up new funding lines for new and established clinics. In a recent interview Sean explained “the Australian aesthetic market is underfunded and difficult for sub two years-trading customers to purchase new equipment. We’re here to change that with our AI technology & new funding lines which are key to driving growth and supporting these businesses.“’s AI algorithm not only provides relevant lending recommendations but predicts which lenders will approve and what lenders won’t approve and will inform the client why. This gives every client the opportunity to find their perfect loan match tailored to their specific circumstances. “This particular technology is going to improve the way [borrowers] can access finance,” Fayad said. “Traditionally you would just go to a bank or lending institution and apply — if you were unsuccessful you’d just go to the next favourite one or the next cheapest one. Our AI does all of the matching and all of the eligibility checks right there… We can compare over 60 lenders and the client’s specific eligibility with those lenders without actually putting a footprint on the credit file. That means a far more transparent and seamless experience for the client.”

The platform also offers individual loans, perfect for any aesthetics patients and clients who are looking to invest in procedures but may not have the money on hand immediately. With patient demand for non-invasive cosmetic procedures is growing exponentially, allows the most convenient avenue to help grow your sales — whether that’s recommending the platform to your clientele or choosing them yourself to help fund new devices, specialist training or a spa or clinic redesign.

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