Get To Know Our Speakers: Woodrow Wilson

We are just 6 weeks out from hosting our very first B2B aesthetics industry event, and we couldn’t be more excited! Leading industry titles SPA+CLINIC and Professional Beauty have joined forces to present BEAUTY & SPA Insiders on May 27th – a unique summit for spa, salon and clinic practitioners and business owners alike. Registrations are open and tickets start at just $395.

The programme is complete with a stellar line-up of industry speakers, and we thought we’d give you the chance to get to know them a little better before the big day.

Woodrow Wilson, from Clinical Imaging, will be speaking on the topic ‘Why Your Before And After Images Suck And How To Get It Right’.

Tell us why you’re looking forward to speaking at BEAUTY & SPA Insiders
I’m excited to engage with health care professionals, especially those who are interested in accurate documentation through photography. It’s an exciting space at the moment, and I’m always learning myself from the aesthetic focused community.

Tell us your daily routine in a nutshell
Everyday is different! Some days I’m on a shoot for 11 hours, other days travelling across the world for conferences or training teams in different cities. Two fundamentals I try stick with however is making sure I exercise with yoga or running and making sure I find the best coffee wherever I am.

3 items you never leave the house without?
Phone (blessing and a curse), my glasses and the tiny wallet containing a bank card and a Myki card.

Name someone who inspires you and why
Dr Dilip Gahankari – a Plastic Surgeon based on the Gold Coast.

In 2015 I returned with him to his rural village in Melghat, India –  and saw him operate for free on dozens of patients. Little did I know at the time but he came from humble beginnings, put himself through medical school and eventually opened a very well respected private clinic on the Gold Coast. You can read about it here.

Over the years I’ve filmed and met many people who, despite challenges of disability, poverty or injury still maintain a drive to continue and an inner peace.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I’d like to be a leader in education around photography in aesthetics as I still see a lot of inaccurate, unethical and biased imagery in marketing giving the industry a bad reputation. I would also be running a creative agency focused on story telling for social justice initiatives.

Any hobbies outside of work?
Documentary film making for charities such as Interplast, running about 100km a month and drawing.

Your greatest achievement to date?
It’s hard to be objective about this, as often I can’t see the impact I think I’m making. However I’m especially  proud of bringing two great organisations together – Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons and Interplast  – in two years ASAPS has raised over $50 000 towards life saving surgical, mentor and training programs in the Asia Pacific.

Favourite quote?
“Do or do not – there is no try.” -Yoda.

Something you would say to your 20 year-old self?
You have no idea what roller coaster you are in for –  and wear more sunscreen.

If you were a car, what kind would you be and why?
Tesla Model 3 as I’d like to be as sustainable as possible.

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