Email Newsletters: Dos And Don’ts

If you’re the type of spa or clinic that likes to regularly reach out to your clients and stay on top of digital marketing initiatives, newsletter campaigns are likely already one of your tactics. Weekly, fortnightly or monthly newsletters are a great way to keep in touch with your database, let them know what’s happening within your business, and generate awareness around any new services you choose to introduce.

For those that don’t have any prior experience in digital marketing, it can be difficult to know where to begin your newsletter process – from choosing service providers and templates vs designing your own from scratch, to selecting the content you want to include.

Whether or not you end up using a service provider such as Mailchimp, or designing your own in PDF or picture format, here are our top tips for knock out newsletters:

Be Consistent
If you’d like your newsletters to be regular, pick a time frame and stick to it. Whether it’s once per week or once per month, choose either a day of the week or; for example, the first Monday of each month, so that your clients know what to expect and have something to look forward to. Sending out newsletters without a specific pattern will appear disorganised, or worse – clients may disregard it as spam.

Create A Template
To make the process easier, create a template that you can replicate each time and simply slot some new text or images into the spaces provided. Not only will this save you countless hours, but will contribute to creating a strong brand image for your business. Try to keep fonts, image styles and colour palette consistent with each one.

Check Your Formatting
The devil is in the detail, and poor formatting can easily damage the reputability of your brand. Check that your fonts and text sizes match up and don’t change halfway through your emails, that images align, and pay close attention to the finer aspects. And even more importantly, triple check grammar and spelling!

Short And Snappy
Particularly if you’re sending press release-style news announcements, such as commentary and info around a service you offer, it’s best to keep your email brief. Readers will often have a quick scroll to the bottom in order to check the length and gauge whether or not they have time to read it – if it’s too long, they may simply write it off immediately. Prepare a short introduction to include in an email, and attach the full piece as a word document. This can also then be sent to media, if you’re hoping to achieve some news coverage for your clinic. It’s also a great idea to break up large sections of text with images, making them easier to read.

Personalise Where Possible
If you’re using a mailing system, they’re likely to have options to personalise each email to the addressee’s name – which is a lovely touch. Even if this isn’t possible and you are blasting out to your database, ensure to being with a friendly introduction, saying hello and wishing them a nice week/day. Never dive immediately into your content with addressing the reader in one way or another. If sending to media, it’s absolutely a good idea to send individually and personalise the content, attachments or invitations as much as you can.

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