The Tantastic Gift of Confidence


A tan can make a woman look instantly slimmer and shapelier, just as black dresses are more figure-flattering than white. It’s all an illusion but a powerful one.

But in a unique photo experiment conducted by Oztan, Australia’s pioneering developer of natural spray tanning solutions, it appears getting a glow can do a lot more than that.

‘Have you ever noticed how you feel straight after you have been spray tanned?’ asks Oztan’s founder Simone Llewelyn.

‘You stand up a little taller, feel slimmer, more confident and suddenly that outfit looks much better.

‘So we decided to prove that it actually shows. We commissioned a photographer, recruited some volunteers and instantly transformed two nervous, slightly embarrassed young women – Ebony and Tarryn – into beaming, confident, naturally glowing covergirls!

‘It was really important for us to be able to showcase the natural, flawless olive- toned, even results that can truly be achieved on real people with professional solution, equipment and spray technique.’


One of Oztan’s largest clients is Zenphire, a hair, beauty and wellbeing salon in Denmark, Western Australia.

‘People admire models all beautifully tanned lying by the pool [as pictured at top of page], but they love being able to see what can be achieved on real people, just like them,’ says Zenphire’s owner Tanya Hadfield.

‘Oztan’s before and after photos really tell this story and my clients have really responded to them.’

Australian made and owned, Oztan combines natural DHA derived from plant sugars, with a nutrient blend of Australian indigenous botanicals and pure essential oils including anti-ageing Kakadu plum, healing grass lily and rejuvenating organic macadamia oil.


The solutions create natural olive tones, are long lasting, have even fade, are hydrating and nourishing but not sticky. There is no typical fake tan odour. They are free from alcohol, parabens, proprylene glycol and synthetic fragrance.

‘It is almost magical the effect a good spray tan will have on your client,’ says Tanya. The spray gun is your wand, the spray tan solution your potion and an even, olive-toned tan the gift of confidence!’

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