Make(up) The Most of Party Season

Ashleigh Sharman speaks with Curtis Collection founder, Victoria Curtis, about the important party season makeup retail tips that will help you, and your client, sparkle.

Tis’ the season for Christmas parties, formals and weddings galore so take the time to be prepared for the most wonderful time of the year, says Victoria.

“You really want to revisit and revamp your makeup services at this time of the year. Look carefully at your service menu and create a destination point in the salon.

“When makeup is on a shelf it’s hard to create a service menu around it so work with your supplier to create a makeup bar where you can treat clients to touch-ups, makeovers, and other post-treatment services.”

Victoria adds that it’s even more important to make clients aware of your services — you’re not just retailing product but beauty solutions and enhancements from a glowing complexion to striking eyes and luscious lips.

“Thinking in this way opens up a whole world of opportunities!

“Include visuals of your work on an iPad and be sure to promote your work on social media. You can also encourage clients to share makeover results on their accounts.”

With your makeup service menu revamped turn to your other core services for party season packages your clients won’t be able to turn down. Think glamour head to toe with tanning, brows, lashes and nails with makeup an added benefits to each treatment.

“You can also create services that are redeemable against product,” explains Victoria.

Party Looks STORY 2“We see it in retail department stores all the time so it’s a concept that clients will be used to. And retailers do it for a reason, it works!

“It’s a win-win but remember you don’t have to redeem the full amount, it can be half or a portion of. That way you are covering the cost of your therapist but also creating a relationship for repeat sales”

Victoria adds that your client may also purchase more than what is redeemable so it’s important to never assume what your client will or won’t buy.

“Rather than assume, you should anticipate your clients need and especially their makeup essentials. Consider how your clients will continue their look and promote ‘touch-ups’ such as lipstick, powder, lip gloss and eyeliner, depending on the look you have created.”

Party Looks STORYYour client is happy, confident and glowing as they leave your business, but it doesn’t end there. Ensure clients link their experience back to you by encouraging them to share their makeover look or product purchase on social media. You can hope that they will do it but putting something in their hands will help, says Victoria.

“I recommend my salons and clinics use a little card that says thank you, post-service, and encourages the client to connect on social media with correct tags and hashtags — it’s about sharing the love and a positive experience will keep a client coming back, and telling all their friends!”

Victoria’s Top 3 Makeup Retailing Tips

  1. Destination: Makeup shouldn’t live on a shelf. Create a ‘destination’ zone in your business that entices your client while making them feel comfortable.
  2. Services: Regularly revamp your makeup service menu. Team up makeovers or touch-ups with others services including brows, tanning, facials and injectables.
  3. Sell: You’re making your client feel great so be confident in recommending products. Consider creating ‘essentials’ packs redeemable against services.

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