Let Makeup Make Over Your Bottom Line

repl-makeupAfter a facial treatment, no one likes leaving barefaced, looking shiny (or red, depending what they’ve had done), with panda eyes and greasy, messy hair.

It’s especially the case if a client is returning to work or has somewhere to go where they need to look presentable.

There’s an opportunity to create extra goodwill by offering what ELES mineral makeup creator Liane Scior describes as free ‘Finishing Touches’. But it also creates a big opportunity for upselling makeup products.

‘More salons, spas and clinics should offer this service,’ says Liane. ‘All a therapist needs to do is to apply some foundation or BB cream, remove any mascara smudges and apply a fresh coat, maybe some eyeshadow and then a lick of lipstick or gloss.

Free promotional collateral is supplied with the ELES Mini Collections.

‘Also have some dry shampoo and hairspray on hand so the client can get their hair a bit cleaner and more styled-looking. It will not only be appreciated but it gives clients the chance to try new products and colours.

‘If there’s time, the therapist could also offer some makeover tips. When clients like what they see and feel there’s a good chance they will buy some of the products that have been used on them, if not on the spot then later when they’ve had a chance to admire the handywork.’

ELES, as many other makeup distributors, have trainers who can show skin therapists tips and tricks of the trade so they feel confident about doing makeup. ELES also has comprehensive ‘How To Get The Look’ guides on their website.

But Liane cautions any business putting makeup on their menu not to overcook their bank balance.

An example of an ELES tester unit that doubles as a compelling counter pack

‘I have seen time and again businesses getting over-excited and making huge initial investments in product inventory – as much as $10,000 – and most of it ends up collecting dust. It’s a huge waste of money and space.

‘Not only that, but the display and the products themselves become dated very quickly – who is going to buy something that looks `old’? Makeup is seasonal, it’s fashion-driven. Women of all ages want the latest looks and colours.’

For this reason, ELES came up with the concept of Mini Collections – eye-catching seasonal tester units (that make compelling counter packs) featuring six products to create the latest looks.

For instance, the current Juicy Fruit Summer 2014-15 collection comprises ELES Age Defying BB Cream 30, Mineral Sheer Bronze in Rio de Janeiro, Superwear Gel Liner in Baroque, Superwear Mascara, Microbubble Lipstick in Melon and nail polish in Sunset Boulevard.

The collections come with free collateral to help businesses promote the makeup: A3 posters, tester unit, consumer email, step-by-step instructions and notes and social media slicks.

‘The Mini Collections allow clients to try out what’s hot now without a salon, spa or clinic having to spend a fortune to provide it. And the tester units are designed so they can sit neatly and alluringly on the front counter. ‘This saves floor and shelf space, it looks great – and most importantly, it encourages impulse purchases.

‘When there’s a new seasonal Mini Collection tester unit, the old one can just be thrown out. It creates a fresh look for the business and gets customers excited again every few months. It’s a win-win for everyone.’


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