Bio Sculpture’s World-First Nail Salon

Sydney clientele with a passion for fashion and beauty can now experience the ultimate nail pampering at Bio Sculpture Gel’s world-first nail flagship.

Located in the heart of trendy Surry Hills, the Bio Sculpture Gel Nail Lounge offers a complete range of signature treatments — from express manicures and pedicures, healthy gel overlays, spa treatments, nail repairs and extensions to stunning nail art looks and the latest natural eye rejuvenation treatment.

Marketing and Operations Manager, Talya Bergmann, said Bio Sculpture Gel is a one-stop-shop for nail care, providing both glamorous and healthy nail care treatments that really last.

“We designed the Nail Lounge to represent quality, safety, beauty, luxury and health with the aim of putting the experience back into the procedure”.

Bio Salon STORY“At Bio Sculpture, we are absolutely committed to nurturing the health of your nails, and this means our products and the treatments we offer are all of the highest quality. Our unique gel formulation naturally bonds to the nail, meaning no damaging bonders or primers are required. It is also free from harsh chemicals and works to protect nails whilst staying chip-free for up to three weeks on fingers and six weeks on toes,” said Talya.

“Healthy nails are more in demand than ever, with so many damaging products on the market and consumers actively looking for a product with health and beauty benefits. Bio Sculpture’s award-winning gel system is the best product for creating the latest nail art looks, which are increasingly becoming more popular with Australian women of all ages. Whether it’s a patterned feature nail, a dash of glitter, funky stud work, embedded feathers , elegant lace, or a fully customised manicure with free-hand artistic designs, we can make your nails an amazing accessory that are as individual as you are,” she said.

The Nail Lounge exclusively features Bio Sculpture products, including over 180 colours to choose from, nail treatments and a spa range selection. “We aim to be a ‘show and tell’ establishment that will illustrate to nail techs how they can truly have a point of difference in the salon market,” Talya added.

A non-invasive and calming eye treatment will also be available for clients, using the latest in radio frequency (RF) technology to stimulate collagen production, renewing the skin’s firmness and elasticity. “Our clientele includes many professional women who know what they want – for their nails and their overall appearance,” she said.

Bio Salon STORY 2“There is no other signature Bio Sculpture salon in the world so this is an exciting step for the company and we are thrilled to be bringing this experience to Australian women first. Innovation is at the heart of what we do, and this new salon showcases our commitment to always offering the best and safest treatments available and care for our customers and their nails! This is just the beginning,” Talya said.

The Nail Lounge, 37 Belmore Street, Surry Hills NSW

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