Business Bookshelf: The Maybelline Prince

Discover the myth behind the man in Danné Montague King’s, The Maybelline Prince.

Pioneer, activist, legend. The 1970s were known for free love and experimentation. Few cared if you were gay, straight, bisexual or transgender. It was the era of “sex, drugs & rock ‘n’ roll.” In the midst of all this appeared a woman who had turned the head of Al Capone, married into the famous Maybelline company, and possessed more than enough beauty, magnetism and allure to make men do most anything.

When Evelyn F. Williams and her enigmatic young male companion arrived in Hot Springs, Arkansas, they took over the famous town in a whirlwind of lights, rock n roll, cameras, beautiful people and a grand lifestyle. They created a media frenzy wherever they went-until jealousy and resentment led to stories of orgies, twisted sex, drugs, Mafia hits…and the mystery of the Maybelline Queen’s fiery death, which some still call an unsolved murder.

Danne STORYThis is the uncut version of that high-living time written by the young man who lived it with Evelyn, the man who was supposed to never be heard from again, Danné Montague King, a.k.a., The Maybelline Prince, who went on to found a skincare dynasty of his own. Hobnobbing with decadent bluebloods, politicians, movie stars and social activists, Danné amassed a large and loyal following the world over.

Q&A with Danné Montague King

What inspired you to write The Maybelline Prince?
It started out as a rebuttal to a pervious Maybelline book published that had incorrectly described my years with the Maybelline heiress Evelyn F Williams in a defamatory way! The publisher asked me to write the true story which resulted in The Maybelline Prince. Reviewers thought the Maybelline era of my life was so dynamic they wanted me to write the rest of my journey in the world of beauty and skin revision up until present time.

What moment in the book do you look back most fondly on?
The year when the European magazines started publishing my scientific articles and also when I received my first letter from a client saying “Thank you for saving my life”.

How did your experiences shape your business and life philosophies?
My business and life have always been intertwined. I learned that when you reach out with a “hand up” as opposed to with a “hand out” you become obligated to do your part to make life easier for your fellow human beings.

Is there a sequel to come? How do you view your life since writing The Maybelline Prince?
Currently I have been asked to publish some outtakes on the book’s site and there is talk of an HBO movie of the week for The Burnt Cork segment of the book. After that I will see, I know I do have other books in me. I feel my life is complete because everything has been exposed. When you become this transparent to everyone you have nothing left to fear.

Danne HEAD SHOTWhat do you hope beauty professionals will get out of reading The Maybelline Prince?
I want them to know they can go beyond themselves. There are NO boundaries to what somebody can become regardless of gender, sex orientation or race.

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