MessageMedia Helps Struggling Businesses With Grants

You could win a $1,000 Visa debit card and a six-month subscription to MessageMedia.

MessageMedia is offering grants to assist Australian businesses suffering from the ongoing impacts of COVID-19. The grants provide financial support and free messaging services to help maintain strong engagement with clients.

There are three prize packs on offer which include a $1,000 Visa debit card and a six-month subscription to MessageMedia’s Pro SMS package, along with continued support in using SMS as a tool for business. MessageMedia’s Chief Marketing Officer Tara Salmon said the competition provides three businesses with a much-needed boost as Australians look to emerge from the health crisis.

“We are thrilled to be offering this support to Australian small businesses who are the backbone of our economy. Throughout the pandemic, we’ve watched as the speed of SMS has allowed businesses to communicate and market more effectively in response to constantly changing market dynamics,” Salmon said.

Founders of St Skin Maryan Al Talebi and Leelah Linke

Founder of St Skin Leelah Linke uses MessageMedia to provide clients with information on her clinic, which is especially critical during these ever-changing times. The automated booking reminder also helps in saving time, with the clinic no longer having to make calls reminding clients of their upcoming bookings.

“The booking reminders are automated, so once the copy is created and the parameters are set, the SMS sends accordingly. The promotional SMS is also simple, allowing us to send single campaigns to a select audience,” Linke said.

Linke says there is better engagement with SMS messages compared to other channels, and finds the system simple to use. The SMS service has reduced no-show clients as it sets the reminder at the time of booking and sends it two days prior.

“The automated system means we don’t have to think about it. For promotional services, we find we get a faster and better response. Clients are always checking their phones, but emails can get lost in the clutter,” Linke said.

“These grants will allow small businesses to not only benefit from a financial boost but from services that can help them thrive sustainably in new and innovative ways. SMS has helped so many of our customers stay connected, drive new sales, improve customer service, engage employees, collect feedback, and deliver ROI at this crucial time like no other tool,” Salmon said.

To enter the competition, small business spas and clinics must submit in 160 characters or less what they would do with the prize package of $1,000 and six-months of free SMS services. Applications close 14th August 2020 and the winners will be announced 21st August 2020. Visit MessageMedia’s website for more details.

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