These Social Media Challenges Will Keep Your Team Connected While Closed

How have you kept up with your team during lockdown?

Just because your doors are closed for business doesn’t mean you have to lose those precious team connections and comradery that you have spent so long curating! Ensuring a sense of togetherness once you reopen is much more likely if you continue to connect with your team throughout lockdown, plus it will aid in generating a sense of enthusiasm and optimism throughout your team that the business will be even better and stronger than it was before.

We’ve seen some gorgeous examples of this on social media lately, including videos of team activities and challenges designed to both bond participants and provide some much-needed humour to viewers. If you’re thinking of doing a little more ‘extra curricular’ activities with your team, we would definitely recommend taking a leaf out of these clinics’ books! Here are some of our favourites:

Pass The Mask – while this little video challenge originally came from Tik Tok and utilised cosmetics, it eventually evolved and circulated around the professional skincare community, and we’ve seen quite a number of adorable versions posted from spas, facial bars and skin clinics in the Aus community. You can use any video editing software you choose, but in a nutshell, the goal is to apply a face mask at home and film yourself doing so, before virtually ‘passing the mask’ onto the next participant to apply – all seamlessly edited together with a touch of movie magic. Here’s one from the team at Fresh Face Bar in Melbourne.

One of the most unique virtual team challenges we’ve seen so far is this one by The Parlour Room in Clovelly – the Boyfriend Makeup Challenge, in which each team member’s partner was tasked with applying their leading lady’s makeup with the bare minimum instruction or guidance. Needless to say the results are nothing short of hilarious.

Give your team members a chance to shine by having them help you create some video content – whether it’s DIY facial instructions, and an expert interview series. An example of this done well is HUD Skin + Body in Melbourne, where Gry and her therapists (one on one of course) put together some ultra professional informative content in her spa’s leafy oasis.

Still after some more ideas? 

  • Interview members of your team via Instagram live 
  • Meet up on Zoom for a virtual spa session together
  • Sign up for a virtual fitness or yoga programme, start a chat and share your screen so you can all workout together at home, OR
  • Depending on restrictions in your state, meet up and have a yoga session in the park 
  • If your group enjoys a game session, sign up for a group gaming platform like Jackbox where you can participate in games like trivia or drawing challenges together

How is your team staying connected through isolation? Let us know in the comments below!

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