Interior Inspo: James Vivian’s New Art-lined Toorak Clinic

We speak to James Vivian about the inspiration behind his new Toorak clinic.

James Vivian drove past his new clinic twice daily for ten years. He always thought it was gorgeous.

“Did I stalk my way into our new home? Possibly,” he said.

James has recently moved his team into a new clinic space in Toorak Village. A space that formerly belonged to Maria Vovos, founder of Code M Skincare. James had been looking for the perfect place to call home for over two years before Maria, who also happens to be his long-time mentor, offered him the opportunity to take over.

“I remember walking in when she first opened and thought ‘I’d love to create something like this one day’. So when the opportunity to carry on Maria’s legacy and put our JV stamp on it was on the table, the answer was as clear as a freshly peeled skin,” James said.

Daunted by the idea of fitting out his own space, the clinic was everything James was looking for. He had outgrown his old two-room clinic in Prahran and was after something cosy and welcoming.

“The intention with this new space was to create a feeling of coming home for the clients. A comfortable yet contemporary mood. I think we’ve finally nailed it.”

“Clients are loving our new space. They often tell us ’the old clinic was lovely, but this is next level,” he said.

The interior fuses two of James’ loves; skin and art. Colourful artworks line the walls, both in clinic and at home (which some may argue is the same thing). His clients also appreciate his taste and often joke he should start a side hustle hunting down artwork for their homes.

One could almost mistake James Vivian for a gallery from street view, but a wander inside will reveal four spacious treatment rooms. Lengthy appointments means clients can stay and soak up the ambience.

“We offer 90-minute appointments at James Vivian so people are not in and out, not in a rush to leave and they know they’re always welcome. We’ve created a space that allows for this. It’s not so much entertaining, as it is hospitality,” James said.

Having only officially opened as of last week, James says he is still in the honeymoon phase, and he can’t pick a favourite element just yet. Although he does know for the clients, it’s the beds. They are purpose-built, electronic, futon beds that have been raised to standing level. It’s a treat for both the eyes and the skin.

Take a look at the stunning clinic pictures:


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