5 Instagram Hacks To Try This Festive Season

As we are approaching the festive season (can you believe Christmas is only five weeks away?), it’s time to up your marketing and social media promotion to ensure you’re grasping every opportunity you have to increase your client base.

Instagram, being one of the world’s most popular social media platforms, is a great way to start. Today, we’re sharing five Instagram hacks you can implement before Christmas.

5 Instagram Hacks This Festive Season

1. Profile Perfect

Your most valuable asset on your Instagram is your profile page as this is essentially your elevator pitch to your potential clients. With 150 characters available for your bio, keep it succinct and highlight your competitive advantage.

Also, don’t forget to make use of the link option to drive traffic to your website or offer landing page.

2. Utilise Insta-stories

The audience’s behaviour and attention has changed over the years – most users check their Insta-stories for updates before scrolling through their feed. Share behind-the-scenes footage, explain the types of equipment and technology that you offer, direct the audience to every new post that you have or have your beauty therapists share some daily tips related to your business.

3. Engage and interact

Engagement and interaction with your audience are more important than vanity metrics, i.e. how many followers you have. Answer any questions that they might have, check out the profiles of those who commented and like some of their photos. Everyone loves some Insta-reciprocation!

Another thing to keep in mind is your clients and audience probably have more questions than ever as they might be looking for gifts for their closed ones leading up to Christmas, so make sure you give them the inspiration they need.

4. Pretty picture

Instagram is a visual platform after all. Style and shoot images with festive themes, add some extra ornaments to bring out the “feeling” as your audience resonates well with this type of content during this time of the year.

A few tips on snapping good pictures – natural light, textured surfaces and keeping the background simple (if you’re a proud owner of an iPhone 7 Plus, make use of the portrait feature as it brings you DSLR quality!)

5. Be Authentic

Last but not least, be authentic. Whether it is the festive season or quiet season, be authentic to your brand, your message and your key values. Your clients are able to tell if you’re telling the truth and actually believe in your message from a mile away.

Now that we have shared our hacks – it’s up to you to implement them, one step at a time.