Education Equals Excellence

At the close of the 63rd CIDESCO World Congress & Exhibition, education affirmed its place as the key to excellence in world standards for beauty and spa therapy.

CIDESCO School Meeting

Hosted in Sandton, South Africa, the five-day annual event brought over 300 CIDESCO members and industry professionals together from around the world, this year, hosted by the National CIDESCO Section South Africa, (the South African Association of Health and Skincare Professionals (SAAHSP)) and National Section President Tina Scholtz.

Themed ‘Skin is Alive’, the 63rd World Congress provided an opportunity for members to discuss the importance of education excellence in the industry, training procedures as well as latest trends and procedures in skin care. Additional topics covered by key speakers included: Harvesting Skin, Dr Ridwan Mia; Hormones and How They Affect Skin, Dr Robert Weiss; and, Micro Needling vs. Mesotherapy, Dr Des Fernandes.

‘South Africa’s Section President Tina Scholtz together with Honorary President Helene Weber-Bramwell gave us a week of unforgettable events, new ideas and experiences which emphasised the importance of education ongoing,’ CIDESCO President, Anna-Cari Gund said.

‘South Africa is a country of ongoing research in the beauty and spa therapy industry and is one of the leaders in this field and this certainly showed in the calibre of speakers and representatives.’

The Congress began with the CIDESCO Schools’ Meeting – a full day allocated to schools, examiners and sections – hosted by CIDESCO Board Member for Education, Narelle Blinman from Australia and joined by special guest, Dr Rae Leibowitz who lectured on the different body (soma) types taught in the CIDESCO Syllabus.

The CIDESCO Examiners’ Workshop then brought together some of the most experienced beauty professionals in the world to discuss examination protocol followed by an afternoon lecture programme on ‘How to prepare a Student for the Workplace’ and on ‘Moulding the Student for the Future’.

The General Assembly, involving the Board and National CIDESCO Section representatives, also discussed and voted on important issues as well as planning for the organisation’s 70th anniversary in 2016.

The next World Congress and Exhibition which will take place in Dublin, Ireland, in September 2016.

‘Business ideas were full on and so on-point in these challenging times for all of us regardless of our countries of habitat,’ said Chairperson, CIDESCO Australia, Dianne Miles.

‘What I especially loved was the communication between the audience and the presenters. Questions and answers flowed freely back and forth between audience members and speakers even during some of the interesting demonstrations on the stage.’

A three-day exhibition and lecture program directed at the salon and spa industry supported the Congress in addition to the annual Makeup and Body Art Competition – this year themed around African fauna and flora which attracted some spectacular entries from South Africa’s talented make-up and body painting artists.

‘The Congress was an amazing array of gifted and highly motivated colleagues from around the globe, including many medical practitioners who spoke at length on all manner of subjects, however refreshingly always relating back to the therapist,’ Dianne added.

‘And with such a huge variety of speakers in parallel lecture halls we were all spoilt for choice over three amazing days of sharing knowledge and experience!’

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