9 Business Resolutions To Stick To In 2019

We all know that new years’ resolutions are almost made to be broken, but if you’ve headed back to work this week (or plan to next week) you’re probably beginning to think about what you would like to achieve for your business over the next year. So to get the ball rolling, we’ve put together our top resolutions for spas and clinic business owners that will hopefully last a little longer than the age-old two week January diet!

  1. Review your pricing structure. As the cost of living (and in turn, your overheads) goes up each year, it’s not abnormal for businesses to need to follow with small service increases. Just ensure to carefully time and plan any changes with plenty of advanced notice for your clients to become accustomed to.
  2. Set targets for your staff. They may actually be excited by a bit of healthy competition, and having some goals to work towards – especially if you’re kind enough to put incentives up for grabs! If you currently have staff targets in place already, consider a review – particularly if you’ve also changed your prices recently.
  3. Solidify your branding. If you haven’t already, do some branding exercises, create a mood board, decide on 5-10 keywords that reflect your core values, and really figure out who you are as a business. If you’ve done this before but over a year has passed, review it. Businesses evolve over time, and you may be surprised with the results.
  4. Set concrete financial goals. Be specific, and drill down each and every facet of your business from product sales to staff wages. It may even be a good idea to set multiple goals for the future as opposed to just 12 months. That way, you can review them in a year’s time (and again beyond that) and see how your own expectations evolve.
  5. If you’ve thought about contributing to a charity, start by writing a list of your top selections, and at some point this month, pick one and lock in a date. It doesn’t have to be a simple donation either – you could opt to get your team involved by hosting a fundraising event like Biggest Morning Tea, or participate in corporate volunteering.
  6. Introduce some new brands to your spa or salon. This can really breathe fresh new life into your business and get your team excited, whether it’s a big change you’ve been sitting on for a while, like adding a new skincare brand, or something small like adding a candle range or beauty supplement to your retail section.
  7. Seek advice from at least one professional in order to improve your business this year. Whether it’s consulting with a PR agency that you’ve always considered undertaking, signing on a social media expert, or chatting to a business consultant about areas you might want to improve.
  8. Host an event. If you’re not a regular host of business events, check out our reasons for why you may want to become one! 
  9. Attend training, either just for yourself or bring along some of your team members. Developments are made so fast in this industry that improving your existing skills and adding to your repertoire is never a bad idea, so head to our events, training and education calendar to find out what’s happening in your area this year.

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