6 Non-Negotiables When Outsourcing Your Marketing

Navigating key factors for successful marketing outsourcing.

In an era marked by digital transformation and constant regulatory shifts, the landscape of marketing for healthcare and wellness industries is undergoing unprecedented changes.

As businesses seek to expand their reach and influence, outsourcing marketing efforts has become a common strategy.

However, venturing into such partnerships requires a vigilant consideration of several crucial factors to ensure seamless collaboration and compliance with industry standards.

For insight on what businesses should consider before outsourcing their marketing, we speak to Founder of The Aesthetic Collective, Chloe McGrath, to list her top six non-negotiables.

“With extensive jargon, ever-changing platforms and strict regulations, marketing in the aesthetics industry isn’t always easy” – Chloe McGrath

1. Do they understand our industry regulations?

Our industry has always had copious amounts of regulations, but the July 1st 2023 changes really changed the scope of marketing our treatments and services. Your marketing team need to understand the rules and regulations that outline how we can market to consumers, without drawing negative attention from the TGA or AHPRA.

2. Do they have indemnity insurance?

It is important that your marketing company has indemnity insurance if the worst was to happen. Doing so will provide some protection against fines brought about by government and regulatory bodies, which could be catastrophic to your business.

3. How much industry experience do they have?

This unique industry and its ever-changing regulations requires a marketing team with relative experience. This experience will help your marketing team navigate the regulations to best communicate with consumers while meeting all necessary obligations.

4. How much is required of you?

When outsourcing your marketing, your team should be able to create content with as little required from you as possible. If you are required to re-write content, like social media captions or blogs, to make them accurate then why not do it yourself?

5. Do they understand your unique business?

The industry has become more and more saturated, with a distinct separation between boutique clinics and franchise chains. This will have an affect on your branding, unique selling proposition and what makes you unique. Your marketing team should have a deep understanding of what makes you unique in order to help convey that throughout your activity.

6. Do they understand the Privacy Act?

When dealing with patients, their before and afters and information that forms part of their medical history, it is crucial that you and your marketing team manage this information with the utmost respect for patient privacy. As the practitioner, the onus falls on you to ensure whoever you have engaged on your behalf, follows patient requests for de-identitification and what information is used when using before and afters for marketing purposes.

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