Everything Old Is New Age Again

As counter-culture to the ravages of 21st century living, consumer demand for therapies including crystal healing and aromatherapy is steadily increasing

Code Red For Rosacea

In this, global Rosacea Awareness Month, the goal is to spread public education on this debilitating skin condition so that more people seek help before it gets worse, and sufferers can find greater relief and understanding

Fellow Travellers: Spirituality Meets Beauty

Many cultures traditionally understand the human spirit as a vital force that links to a higher consciousness. Regardless of deity, the belief in a universal energy that governs all life, spans across the board. When it comes to wellness, however, Western medicine tends to separate the concept of  “spirit”  from the physical body, while Eastern modalities […]

Male Order Eyebrows

If eyebrow shaping is in your repertoire, brushing up on the art of male-specific grooming could be great for biz

Your Lips But Better!

Experts tell how to pull off the most flattering neutral lip for a client’s (or your!) skin tone and lip shape

Medi-Clinics: Retailing A Makeup Range

If you’re an aesthetician working in a medi-clinic, promoting colour makeup to your clients might be low on your priority list. Yet injecting a range makeup into your retail offering may not only boost the bottom line of your biz, but bolster the morale of your clients. It comes down to choosing products that complement the […]

How To Build A Cross-Referral Network

Dermal therapist Sarah Hudson was analysing sun damage on a first-time client’s face when she saw it. Looking through the skin imaging device, she saw what she believed was a potentially dangerous sun spot. Rather than proceed with the cosmetic IPL treatment the client had booked for to treat pigmentation, Sarah sent him to a GP with a letter outlining what […]

Sharon Lee: News From The Eyebrow Queen

Sharon Lee spends her time globe-trotting; catching up with her international following of high profile clients who insist that she, and only she, tend to their caterpillars. The acclaimed Australian brow guru, who is a celebrity in her own right, has been obsessed with eyebrows for as long as she can remember. She started shaping, waxing and […]

Recipe: Nutritious Macaroni Cheese

We’ve just slipped into Autumn, so time to start thinking about treating ourselves with cooler weather comfort food. Pasta often gets a bad rap, but eaten the right way it’s super healthy, according to nutritionist Vladia Cobrdova. Why? “Because it is real food,” she says. “There is so much conversation to stay away from carbs, but this dish is also […]

The Oscars: No. 1 Eye Makeup Trend

In anticipation for the 2017 Academy Awards, we catalogued some of the most iconic red carpet beauty looks of all time and discovered that truly new, cutting-edge make-up techniques are actually rather rare. This is because beauty trends (like fashion crazes) are continually revived from their retro origins, then adapted and made relevant to new generations. But […]

Kakadu Plum: Our Skin-Superfood Hero

This ancient Australian native plant is taking the skincare industry by storm as one of the most powerful natural sources of vitamin C on Earth

De-Stress For Business Success

When you’re stressed you are unable to function at your full potential – but an expert tell how it can be managed and even transformed into positive thinking

Oscar Beauty Through The Decades

With the Academy Awards just over a week away, we take a walk down memory lane for prize-winning beauty looks – and find they were future forward!

Cult Beauty Classics

Products that have stood the test of time in the hearts – and bathroom cabinets – of beauty consumers

Instagram v Real Makeup

There’s an art to mastering “Instagram makeup”, but you don’t need to be a makeup artist to achieve it, which is a great news for you and your clients.

The Buzz On Manuka Honey

An abundance of anecdotal evidence suggests the sweet superfood can heal a range diseases and skin conditions


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