What Will Happen To The Aesthetics Industry When Things Return To ‘Normal’?

We are all familiar with the lipstick effect, but what happens once it wears off?

With a vaccine roll-out on the horizon and minimal locally-acquired cases, there is the hope we will see the backend of COVID-19 in 2021. However, among the lockdowns and masks, there were some unforeseen side effects of the pandemic. The aesthetics industry experienced a boom in procedure enquiries as homebound clients looked for ways to lift their spirits. The lipstick effect was in full force, but what happens once it wears off?

Director at Cosmetic Avenue Run Samarakoon, says that while the ‘boom’ is starting to plateau, the heightened interest in cosmetic procedures will last beyond the pandemic.

The ‘Mummy Makeover’, which includes a breast procedure, is proving popular in 2021.

“The boom has created more interest, awareness and openness around cosmetic procedures. Successful clinics like Cosmetic Avenue have increased resources and improved processes and facilities during the boom, leading to a greater customer experience,” he said.

Melbourne based Cosmetic Avenue was one of the hundreds of aesthetic and wellness businesses who took a hit due to the multiple lockdowns. Run says enquiries practically stopped overnight. Yet, as people started to adjust to the new circumstances, so did clinics. Cosmetic Avenue implemented virtual consultations for its clients, and this practice will continue into 2021.

“Many people have found this to be a convenient way to at least have an initial consultation with their clinician, followed by a face to face consult,” he said.

The clinic saw a 250 per cent rise in cosmetic injectables in 2020, and cosmetic surgical procedures increased by 90 per cent vs 2019. Procedures like Cosmetic Injectables, Rhinoplasties, Double Chin liposuction and the ‘Mummy Makeover’ were the most popular.

“With people working from home and money in their bank accounts, many took the opportunity to look after themselves and have the treatment or procedure they have been thinking about for a long time but in the past didn’t have the money to do it, or couldn’t take the time at home to recover,” he adds.

Run says the clinic will continue to focus on the ‘Mummy Makeover’, which includes a breast procedure (lift, augmentation or reduction) and a tummy tuck. It’s earmarked to be a popular treatment for mothers, and this growing market segment demonstrates a shift in public opinion around cosmetic surgery.

“More people feel comfortable and confident talking about their cosmetic treatments and procedures, with social media and online platforms helping this acceptance.”

“We also expect to see a continued growth in facial treatments and procedures, and as we are seeing year upon year, the stigma of having a cosmetic procedure to help with someone’s confidence is quickly declining,” Run said.

The next challenge for clinics is taking the treatments and services to the next level. Increased business means there are more resources available to explore innovation within the field.

“The boom will lead to a significant amount of more cosmetic technological innovation, with companies taking advantage of the increased interest by developing new non-surgical treatments,” he said.

“We now have to work harder and deliver a greater experience to our clients to ensure they return and continue to be loyal,” Run finishes.


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