Spring is upon us, summer is coming, and barely-there foorwear is coming out of the closet. Never let your clients be seen with fugly feet!  Three must-haves for prepping the feet for public display:

Jessica ZenSpa Intense Heel Repair Creme


A super-hydrating formula that drenches and rejuvenates dry, cracked heels. It contains the restorative powers of Vitamin E, aloe vera and shea butter. Generously apply to heels and any other dry or problem area of your body and wake up to smooth and supple skin. 

Intense Heel Repair Cr””me, Intense Heel Repair Cr””me available for retail and pro-use; also Intense Heel display x 9.

Jessica Zenspa Perfection Natural Salt Polish     


Aromatherapy essential oils and oat bran work together in this natural sea salt scrub, smoothing the most severely dry and cracked foot surface, leaving skin with a polished, smooth finish.

Jessica Zenspa Refreshed Foot Spray     


Natural botanicals and menthol in these these cooling foot sprays stimulate and revive tired, aching feet, leaving them fresh rejuvenated and smelling great!

Available in Energising Ginger, Calming Green Tea, Revitalising Citrus for retail and pro-use.


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