France Tightens Hyaluronic Acid Laws To Increase Patient Safety

A prescription is now mandatory for hyaluronic acid products, following regulatory guidelines in countries like Australia and the U.S.

France has introduced stringent regulations to control the distribution and use of hyaluronic acid-based injectable products, a popular choice for cosmetic procedures like lip fillers and wrinkle treatments.

This move, led by French health authorities, aims to curb the growing problem of illegal and non-professional cosmetic injections that are increasingly marketed and administered by unqualified individuals.

The Rise of Illegal Cosmetic Injections

In recent years, cosmetic “tweakments” have surged in popularity, driven by social media influencers and the allure of quick, affordable beauty enhancements. These procedures often use hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally found in the body and favored for its ability to retain moisture and provide a plumping effect when injected into the skin.

However, the rise of non-professional practitioners has led to a burgeoning underground market. These individuals often lack the necessary medical training and certification, leading to a significant rise in adverse effects and complications.

Regulatory Measures

To combat these issues, France has mandated that hyaluronic acid-based injectable products can only be obtained with a medical prescription. This regulation aims to ensure that only qualified healthcare professionals administer these treatments, thereby reducing the risk of complications.

By tightening control over the distribution of these products, the authorities hope to diminish the availability of hyaluronic acid on the black market and discourage unqualified individuals from performing these procedures.

The new regulation aligns with similar efforts in other countries that have recently also endorsed stricter regulations. For instance, the UK has implemented measures to ensure that cosmetic procedures are carried out by trained professionals, highlighting the global recognition of the risks associated with non-professional cosmetic enhancements.

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