BTL Celebrates Five Years Of Innovation In Australia

After celebrating 30 years of innovation at the BTL Group last year, the company has reached another significant milestone – five years since the introduction of the first BTL device in Australia.

Over the last five years, BTL has substantially expanded and diversified its product portfolio in Australia and New Zealand introducing innovations each year that are utilised across multiple medical specialties. These innovations have played an important role in expanding the diversity of healthcare services that can improve patients’ lives.

“We’re thrilled to celebrate our 5th anniversary in BTL Australia and New Zealand. Our commitment to research and development enables us to continuously push the boundaries of innovation, providing healthcare professionals with unparalleled tools to enhance patient outcomes and satisfaction.”

Gareth Pepper, Sales Director for BTL Aesthetics Australia and New Zealand.

In honour of their five-year journey of success, we have highlighted the perspectives of five distinguished doctors who embody the essence of BTL Aesthetics in Australia and New Zealand.

These esteemed doctors generously share their insights on the profound significance of BTL and its transformative influence on the aesthetic landscape.

In your opinion, what BTL treatment is currently the most sought-after?

SS: In my humble opinion the ‘star’ treatments in the BTL portfolio that are, and I think will always be the most popular with our patients, are the Emsella chair and the Emsculpt Neo! They can be used by everybody whether they are young or old, male or female and are non-invasive, quick and easy. But most importantly, deliver results.

RC: As medical practitioners immersed in the realm of aesthetic medicine, we are tasked with evaluating the efficacy and impact of various treatments on patient outcomes. Among the diverse array of options available, BTL’s Exion has garnered significant attention and is currently the most sought-after at Regenesis. We typically provide Exion treatments to at least four patients daily, and notably, we’ve achieved a return on investment within the initial five months of purchase.

ST: Currently it is the Emface. No other device synchronously combines radiofrequency with HIFES to tone, lift, and re-drape the muscles, soft tissues, and SMAS layer while simultaneously improving skin tone.

AC: The most popular treatment right now is BTL Exion. We were one of the first clinics in Australia to receive an Exion device. I was one of the first patients to be treated by the machine, and my patients were impressed with the results they saw from my treatment. Once they learned about how the Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the device helped to improve outcomes and reduce discomfort, my patients were quick to book their own Exion treatments.

GM: Emface is indispensable in each of my clinics, which is why we have one in every location. Similarly, Emsella is another game-changer that we simply cannot operate without in each clinic. Its transformative impact on people’s quality of life, regardless of the severity of their incontinence, is unparalleled. From patients with MS to post- prostatectomy, and individuals with various conditions, we’ve witnessed firsthand how Emsella has significantly improved their quality of life.

With 30 years of continuous innovation, BTL belongs among the world’s major manufacturers of aesthetic equipment with direct offices in more than 80 countries around the world.

What are your thoughts on BTL’s continuous innovation in technologies and exploration of new approaches in aesthetic medicine?

RC: BTL’s commitment to pushing boundaries has led to pioneering advancements that redefine aesthetic standards and enhance the patient experience. With BTL’s new Emface submentum applicators, this perfectly encapsulates their dedication to innovation.

AC: I’ve owned BTL machines since 2013, and every time I buy a new one, I am blown away by how each device exceeds all expectations and surpasses the competition when it comes to quality, innovation, and efficacy. I’ve been fortunate to have met and spent time talking with many of the engineers and designers within the company. I’ve found it mind-boggling to hear about the enormous resources constantly being invested by BTL into their Research and Development pipeline. Investment on this scale is something you will rarely see in other device companies, and I am sure it is their commitment to R&D that explains their consistent appearance at the cutting edge of aesthetic technology.

GM: Undoubtedly, BTL has ushered in a new era in addressing facial aging and body contouring. Take Emsculpt Neo, for instance; it represents a groundbreaking advancement by offering simultaneous RF and HIFEM, not only delivering desired aesthetic results but also enhancing clients’ strength and functional abilities. With Emface, we now have the capability to target facial elevator muscles, connective tissue, and supporting ligaments, achieving remarkable lifting and volumisation of the upper and mid-face – a virtually needle-free 3D facial rejuvenation. Additionally, Exion introduces a completely new category for Fractionated RF Microneedling technology, showcasing notable advancements in accuracy and precision while ensuring minimal discomfort for clients, all without compromising on results.

SS: Since becoming a partner with BTL in 2018, BTL’s constant investment in research and development in finding the next technology that the modern aesthetic patient wants, has really impressed me! They have realised the areas of treatment that our patients desire and have delivered in record time a fast-growing list of technologies that deliver results safely, quickly and in a minimally invasive way. It makes our jobs as physicians very easy!

ST: BTL has worked very closely with Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons to really work out what we want in the market and what those gaps are. Then they’ve pushed technology either in a hybrid form or that synchronous nature, to create effects that I’ve been impressed with.

What are your thoughts on the latest innovation, specifically the Emface® submentum applicator?

SS: The Emface focuses on the tightening and lifting of the face which is a natural progression to the other BTL treatments. It is the most recent technology introduced to my practice to target the under- chin area to tighten the muscle, decrease the fat, and tighten the skin. I am especially excited by this concept. In my consultations with patients, nine out of ten patients, men and women, old and young, whether they are experienced cosmetic patients or new to treatment are interested in improving this area! We now have a treatment that is quick and very easy to deliver. Everybody will want this one!

ST: I’m genuinely thrilled about the latest innovation, particularly the Emface Submentum applicator to treat the double chin and sagging effect of the lower face. It addresses a multifaceted issue involving unwanted fat deposits, skin laxity, and muscle laxity in the submental area, offering a comprehensive solution for achieving a contoured jawline is a big thing and aligns with my patient demand.

What prompted you to incorporate BTL technologies into your practice?

AC: Customers of aesthetic treatments are increasingly fearful of the possible complications and the potentially fake-looking results that can be caused by poorly executed injections and surgery. Consequently, there is a huge appetite amongst customers for aesthetic treatments that are less invasive, have lower risks, and most importantly can produce dependable and worthwhile results. BTL has an amazing track record of consistently producing devices that are easy, comfortable, and safe to use, and manage to also reliably deliver outstanding aesthetic improvements.

RC: The decision to incorporate BTL technologies into our practice was predicated on the pursuit of offering patients the most advanced and effective treatments available. Witnessing the transformative impact of Exion, Emsculpt NEO and other BTL treatments on patient confidence and satisfaction reaffirms our commitment to leveraging innovative technologies to enhance patient care and well-being.

Have you personally had any BTL treatments yourself? What was your experience with it?

AC: I have to say I can’t live without my Emsculpt Neo. Using it just once a month has allowed me to maintain a level of fitness that I don’t deserve (because of how little proper exercise I find time to do).

GM: I had them all, and my experience is very positive, especially Emsculpt Neo for waist-line reduction and gluteal lift, Emtone for my stubborn cellulite and Emface for lifting.

ST: Absolutely, I’ve had all the treatments. The Emsella, for instance, offers fantastic overall pelvic lift and floor improvement. I’ve also undergone treatments with Emface and Exion, my favourite being the Face applicator. It’s about biohacking your skin and going beyond mere reliance on topicals or lasers. With synchronous technology like this, you can truly impact your fibroblast production of hyaluronic acid, yielding remarkable results.

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