Alpha-H Gives Back To Therapists

With a bold new strategy, renowned skincare brand Alpha-H is handing back the rights to professional skincare recommendations with the launch of their latest range.

In a move that aims to combat the over-accessibility and self-prescription of high concentration actives like Vitamins, AHAs, BHAs, glycolics, etc., Alpha-H’s Liquid Laser Prescriptive range will only be accessible to clients through participating spas, salons or clinics, with a professional skin diagnosis required to purchase the range. Unlike all other Alpha-H products, Liquid Laser will not be sold online.

“After building our global reputation, we want to give salons the opportunity to build their own franchise under our banner,” says Alpha-H Brand Owner and Director Michelle Doherty. “They will benefit from our 28 years of industry experience, knowledge, research and development, reputation and clinical trials. We’ve earnt our reputation as leaders in cosmeceutical skincare, creating genius formulations that give unparalleled results without compromising the integrity of the skin.”

Liquid Laser is designed to treat unresponsive skin concerns such as pigmentation, melasma, loss of elasticity, deep lines and wrinkles, solar keratosis, post-acne scarring, photo damage and intrinsic ageing.

Michelle Doherty – Alpha-H Founder

“The Liquid Laser Prescriptive range was created as an advanced collection of professional skincare that goes above and beyond. Requiring a clinical diagnosis from a dermal expert, Liquid Laser Prescriptive is a tailored personal prescription which combines advanced clinical treatments with pre-and-post treatment home care. These intelligent formulations target unresponsive skin concerns, repair past damage and present controlled trauma, re-densify the dermal belt, reduce cellular inflammation, improve dermal thickness and ensure error-free replication to restore skin to its optimum.”

For those unable to physically make it into a salon, Alpha H has also chosen to offer online video chat consultations.

Australian owned and operated, Alpha-H is considered a global leader in corrective and preventative skincare, stocked in over 25 countries. The brand proudly extends into both the consumer market, stocked in giants like Myer and Sephora, as well as prestigious day spas and clinics around the world. The new range features 8 products, including cleansing oil, concentrate serum, balm, C cream, over mask and mist, CHA peel and HA gel.

“The Liquid Laser Prescriptive Range utilises a wide array of clinically validated cell-communicating ingredients sourced from the very best in genomic research,” says Michelle. “For example, we are working with higher percentages in our CHA peels and unbuffered vitamin C and it’s as much about pH as it is about concentration to get outstanding results.

A hero ingredient of the Liquid Laser Prescriptive Range is Juveleven™ which evolved from studies into the Immortal (Hydra) Jellyfish, an organism with the unique ability to regenerate itself by self-correcting errors in its genetic coding. By identifying the key transcription factors responsible for this process, scientists have been able to synthesise and mimic its effects. The result is a longevity peptide which stimulates the skin’s DNA-repair mechanisms to help it self-correct and eliminate DNA errors. Consistent use has been shown to rejuvenate the skin’s whole appearance so that it becomes visibly firmer, younger-looking and more radiant.”

So far, Michelle says, the positive response to the launch has been overwhelming. “It presents an opening for salons to ‘cash in’ on the point of difference and use the Liquid Laser Prescriptive Range as a vehicle to drive customer satisfaction.”

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