All About BODHI Spa’s New Emma Lewisham Facial Experience

Plus, further exciting news on BODHI Spa’s newest venture.

In excellent news for skincare aficionados, BODHI Spa and Emma Lewisham are set to launch a new facial experience. The BODHI Spa + Emma Lewisham Brightening Facial will be offered exclusively at BODHI Spa’s Perth locations from 16 May, 2022.

Speaking about how the partnership came to fruition, BODHI Spa Founder, Tania Taylor, recounts her personal discovery of the range which led to her stocking Emma Lewisham’s products in November 2021.

“I read about the Emma Lewisham 72 Hour Cream and decided to try the range for myself. I absolutely loved the science-led 100% natural products – they are so nourishing and luxurious to use, and the brands’ planet positive philosophy also resonated deeply with me,” says Tania.

“And, our guests loved the Emma Lewisham range, it literally walked off the shelves,” continues Tania. One thing led to another and soon, Tania and Emma were in talks about creating the BODHI Spa + Emma Lewisham Brightening Facial.

Equally thrilled about this new union is Emma herself.

“There is a beautiful synergy between BODHI Spa and Emma Lewisham that sparked this wonderful collaboration. BODHI Spa has a nurturing, holistic approach to wellness that really resonates with our values and they have completely embraced our passion for a circular beauty industry – actively helping to educate their guests about our refill programme, the Emma Lewisham Beauty Circle.”

Emma Lewisham

Pictured: Products from Emma Lewisham’s climate positive skincare range.
Image source: Supplied.

Explaining the new treatment on offer, the skincare entrepreneur tells SPA+CLINIC that the facial will “not only incorporate all of our high performing products but is designed to be a nurturing, complete wellbeing experience. The techniques used by [BODHI Spa’s] experienced therapists ensure your skin is best able to absorb our innovative active ingredients and that your body is able to drop into a deep state of relaxation.”

What does the BODHI Spa + Emma Lewisham Brightening Facial involve?

This science-led facial combines lymphatic drainage massage techniques with the rejuvenating properties of the natural Emma Lewisham skincare range. “Our potent rejuvenating formulations, paired with powerful detoxifying and oxygenating techniques such as lymphatic drainage massage, will leave your skin feeling deeply nourished and looking brighter, tighter and more luminous,” says Emma.

What results will the BODHI Spa + Emma Lewisham Brightening Facial deliver?

An ‘all-in-one’ facial, this treatment is designed to provide complete skin nourishment while targeting a range of complexion concerns including brightness, elasticity, and hydration.

“It helps reduce pigmentation and dark spots, brightening and evening the complexion. It delivers deep and long-lasting hydration for plumper, firmer, and more supple skin. It also actively regenerates collagen at a cellular level, helping to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and boost overall skin health and detoxification,” explains Emma.

The facial was also formulated to provide a holistic well-being experience. “It’s designed to have benefits below the jawline – helping you to drop into the state of deep relaxation that’s essential for enabling our cells to regenerate themselves,” says Emma.

And, that’s not all. BODHI Spa has even more exciting news to share for 2022 with plans to launch a new wellness retreat...

BODHI Highgate Spa will soon be joined by BODHI Yallingup

“In September 2022, we will be opening our most luxurious BODHI Spa yet in the tranquil surrounds of Lake Gunyulgup, Yallingup. The Yallingup region is very close to our hearts as it’s where Danny, my husband and co-Founder of BODHI, and I escape to regularly to recharge. The Gunyulgup location is very peaceful. On a lake in the bush, it lends itself to a tranquil retreat,” she continues.

Overlooking the water with a range of beautifully appointed treatment rooms, BODHI Spa Yallingup will be a complete haven for total restoration of the mind, body and soul. The centre will also feature two spa baths, a sauna, a yoga/meditation space, a relaxation lounge and a balcony. 

“The fact that it overlooks the water makes it very special and brings a deeper peace and serenity to this BODHI Retreat. We were there the other day overlooking the lake and watched 20-30 kangaroos all around the spa. Can you imagine international guests seeing them? They will be blown away,” finishes Tania.

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