The Best For Breasts

They are our breasts, not our baby’s breasts, not our partner’s or society’s sexy breasts, or pleasure centres that we shouldn’t touch ourselves. They are a delicate and at-risk part of our body that needs some serious care and attention, says SPA+CLINIC publisher Kirien Withers.

Do you know exactly what your breasts feel like? Do you know their shape, how they feel under your fingers, their squishy bits and the firm tissue within? Most women don’t. How strange is that?

Even though the quoted chances of a woman in our social culture getting breast cancer are so incredibly high, most women don’t even consider what the specific reasons for that are or how they might avoid it apart from, perhaps, responding to the “catch it early” marketing and undertaking a mammogram procedure that certainly doesn’t contribute at all to loving up the breasts (as any woman who has had the experience will testify, it’s more like “beating them up”!)

Sue McKenna was one of those women. She was health conscious, ate organic food and did lots of other body-loving things, but like most women she was disassociated from her breasts.

We don’t have the space here to go into all the reasons there are for women being so self-conscious about touching and feeling their own breasts but Sue, like most women, did not give them much direct attention. Until she was diagnosed with the dreaded news: she had breast cancer.

Thankfully, Sue is now in the best of health but she explains: “In the process of my recovery I discovered that regular breast massage and skin brushing is not only good for blood flow and the lymphatic system but helps us get to know our breasts well so that we are more likely to notice when something has changed.

“I learnt about the importance of magnesium and Lugol’s iodine, the benefits of hemp seed oil and coconut oil, and the use of essential oils, especially citrus.

“Just as importantly, a recurring theme was the need for us to embrace self-nurturing. Even the act of tenderly skin brushing and massaging our breasts each day can have a profound effect on health.”

After her recovery Sue became committed to sharing with other women what she had learned about Ultimate Breast Care and impassioned to find a simple way for women to put into action the most important care components for themselves. She identified the most important components to be:

  • Stimulating the lymphatic system to clear and detox the many lymph vessels within breast tissue.
  • Massaging breasts to improve blood flow.
  • Nourishing breasts with key nutrients and clearing with specific detoxifiers.
  • Really getting to know our breasts, recognising and becoming familiar with their regular changes, and noticing if something is different.

She put it all together and her Happy Breast Balm system was born. The simple Breast Balm Pack comprises a dry body brush, a breast balm and a set of breast care instructions including how to use the body brush for whole body and breast area lymphatic drainage diagrams.


As spa, salon and clinic operators and therapists we are in a very unique position. Women place the responsibility for an aspect of their aesthetic or wellness wellbeing in our hands every day.

What do we do with their breasts 90 percent of the time? We cover them up and rarely ask if the client would like them included in the body massage, dry skin brushing or skin exfoliation treatment.

Stephanie Clerc is a Western herbalist and student of Oriental bodywork and also passionate about traditional medicine and women’s health.

“Breast massage is an unnecessarily controversial topic due to the sexualisation of breasts in our culture,” Stephanie explains. “This means that massage therapists are hesitant, afraid, or downright outraged by the idea of massaging breasts despite how much breasts need this.

“The breast is largely made up of lymphatic tissue. The lymphatic system is a vitally important part of the body’s self-cleansing system, removing toxic build-up, dead cells and potentially dangerous cells.

“Lymph vessels, unlike blood vessels, do not have a pumping mechanism. They rely on movement for a healthy lymphatic flow. The rest of the body is reliant on the pumping action of muscular contraction during exercise to move the lymph around but the breast, which has no muscular tissue, and is generally immobilised through the use of bras, cannot rely on exercise movement.

“Massage of the breast, either self-massage or professional massage, is an excellent way to redress this.”

Stephanie has developed the breast massage routine featured here, in collaboration with other qualified and experienced body workers.


  • The breast is not a muscle; do not use the strong ‘squishing’ action of a regular massage stroke.
  • Use the tips of the finger in a ‘scooping’ motion. Imagine you are encouraging the fluid in the tissue to flow more vigorously.
  • Use a light to moderate pressure.
  • Lift the arm up, with the opposite hand start under the elbow, stroke the fingertips towards the breast and increase pressure as you go through the armpit.
  • Sweep from the armpit down and around the bottom of the breast. Repeat this motion a number of times.
  • Scoop the flesh of the breast with the fingers, from the outside towards the nipple (most easily done by another person).
  • Then use the whole hand in a squeezing motion with the whole breast, much like expressing milk.
  • Finish off by sweeping from the top of the breast, around the inside, under the breast and into the armpit.
  • Pay particular attention to any lumps, thickening of tissue or tender spots.
  • Remember, be gentle; it shouldn’t hurt and the breast should feel uplifted rather than squashed.


Let’s help and encourage each other to stay safe and look after our breasts by:

  • Performing ultimate breast care on ourselves.
  • Asking clients in body treatments if they would like their breasts included in body brushing and massage, explaining why.
  • Retailing Happy Breast Balm kits – and actively talking about them.
  • Learning more about breast care and educating clients at information evenings.
  • Including breast body brushing and massage as an add-on to other services – complete with take home care.
  • Dedicating our professional selves to gain a more thorough understanding of breast health and supporting treatments.

As Sue says: “Breasts are truly amazing. They nurture life; they can bring us much pleasure and connect us to our feminine mystique. Keep your breasts healthier and happier and nourish them through loving self-care.” To discuss stocking Happy Breast Balm email


* Happy Breast Balm donates a percentage of profits to natural breast health care and maintenance education.