The Heady – Natural – Smell of Success

If you’re weighing up ways to capitalise on the green beauty movement, don’t forget fragrance.

Global sales of perfume tripled in 2015, and for the first time ever, the category outperformed skincare in the growth stakes.

Meanwhile, consumer demand for planet conscious, “healthy” personal care products is soaring. In fact, analysts predict this market will be worth USD 15.98 billion by 2020.

By retailing a collection of eco-friendly perfume oils, you can take advantage of both trends.

“Alcohol-free fragrance oils (once reserved for the prestige and niche segments) will continue to become more popular with the mainstream market,” says Lois Evans, senior perfumer at Aligex Fragrances.

According to Wendi Berger, president of Pour Le Monde Parfums, it’s not just new mums and those sensitive to synthetics buying such scents: “Regardless of demographic, customers across the board are seeking healthier lifestyles and are purchasing natural oil-based fragrance.”

Aromatherapy uses plant-derived essential oils to improve physical and mental health. This alternative wellness practice is another market opportunity, also predicted to grow.

And, thinking about packaging, portable perfume is profiting. Women are buying more rollerballs and men are following suit – sales of travel-friendly “man-scents” increased by 84 percent in the last 12 months.

We explore eco-friendly perfume oils from key artisan brands.


For The Sophisticated Hipster

Lumira, a Sydney based luxury fragrance house have released three perfume oils, which are blended with pure botanical essential oils. The blends are crafted to evoke an emotional response, transporting the wearer to exotic destinations.

Cuban Tobacco is our pick for its unusual combination. Zingy tangerine contrasts with its smokey base. Plus, it’s gender neutral so right on trend.


Mood Altering Aromas

UK brand Aromatherapy Associates offer their most coveted therapeutic scents in convenient rollerball packaging. From reviving to de-stressing to reviving, each perfume is crafted with specific emotional and physical health in mind.

They are created with pure, natural essential oils and are alcohol and sulphate free.


Sleeptime Scent

Italian skincare brand Comfort Zone developed a signature fragrance to encourage deep relaxation. Tranquility is a concoction of essential oils that include cedarwood and sweet orange.

Made from naturally derived essential oils, the relaxing potion is alcohol, paraben and mineral oil free. It’s also vegan friendly and does not contain animal derivatives.


A Higher Purpose

Melbourne-based angel clairvoyant, healer and author Rachael White‘s collection of 15 perfume oils are designed to support healing.

“I asked the angels to guide me on how I could take my clients healing to a new level,” she explains. “One by one by one each archangel came to me to develop their own unique aroma and hence vibration.”

Each oil has a different purpose from relationship mending to manifesing desires.

The range is crafted from 100 percent pure, and natural organic therapeutic grade organic essential oil


Made For Men

Solid State’s solid fragrances are highly concentrated balms are designed to be portable and long lasting. All 6 scents in the collection are decidedly masculine from their pared-back package to brand personality.

The fresh notes of mint and sandalwood in Aviator (one of the best sellers in the collection) are offset with sexy sandalwood. No products in the range are tested on animals, and they are formulated with natural beeswax, castor oil and shea butter.

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