On page 58 of the current issue, we brought you an article from melbourne-based speaker, consultant and ‘retail inspirationalist’ Debra Templar, regarding best practice for visual merchandising and upselling this Christmas.

Our online extra is Debra’s tips five most common merchandising mistakes retailers make during the festive season are:

– Not planning promotions carefully or co-ordinating the placement and promotion of product;
– Using the same sales campaigns as other retailers rather than promoting your points of difference;
– Not renewing, rotating and refreshing the look and placement of product throughout the campaign;
– Failing to realise that you are in the business of making it easy for customers during the festive season by over-complicating the offer; and
– Not adequately training the team in the requirements for Christmas customer service.

Make sure that you haven’t fallen into any of these traps and, if you have, fix them as fast as you can!

Debra founded the Templar group in 2000 with the specific aim of walking alongside small to medium and independent retailers – helping them to breathe life into their businesses as they grapple with the ever-changing world of retail. She is the author of many ‘how to’ books on retail, including Christmas retailing ebook Jingle Bells Christmas Sells. thetemplargroup.com.au

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