The Smartest device in Skin Health

The latest delivery platform from Hydrafacial offers thousands of ways to personalise this in-demand treatment, and a seamless way to enhance your clients’ experience and results, while increasing your profitability. And it’s never been an easier investment for your clinic with a range of offers and finance options.

3 Steps. 30 Minutes. The Best Skin of Their Lives with SYNDEO, by Hydrafacial, the future of skin health. Its cloud-connected platform makes treatment even more seamless than ever before–while delivering glowing results that clients of all skin types will love and offering new opportunities and innovative intelligence for every aesthetic business.  And Hydrafacial ANZ offer many financial options making this smart investment an easy one.

HYDRAFACIAL SYNDEO’s key benefits include:

  • Great results on skin of all ages and types – so clinics can deliver high patient satisfaction and achieve patient retention
  • Immediate results with no downtime – which makes Hydrafacial a perfect foundation treatment for any clinic, with few limitations, this treatment is suitable for all patients
  • Attract new clients – Hydrafacial is the foundation treatment that combines well with the other treatments clinics regularly offer
  • Recoup your investment quickly – most practices see a return on their investment in just a few months
  • Create loyalty and generate regular repeat visits – optimising clinic revenue and patient interaction.
  • Enhance the results of other treatments – studies indicate Hydrafacial improves the outcomes of IPL by 30%, non-ablative fractional or fractional RF by 2x, and ablative fractional laser by 50%.
  • Global brand awareness – millions invested in marketing and training annually
  • Easy to use– the interactive Guided User Interface includes all available protocols, in multiple languages and includes upgrade prompts during the treatment for practitioners to optimise patient education and ROI
  • Customisable treatments – thousands of ways to personalise treatments for a wide range of concerns.

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