Sodashi Favourite Enhanced


A powerful leave-on treatment that instantly firms, tones and lifts the skin of the eye area, Sodashi Everyface Eye Lifting Gel now works even harder to reduce puffiness and alleviate under-eye dark circles with added ingredient arnica.

Arnica is a plant of the sunflower family which bears yellow daisy-like flowers and is found in the cooler alpine regions of Europe and Russia.

Used medicinally for centuries, arnica is one of the best natural remedies for strains, sprains, inflammatory skin conditions and swelling.

Sodashi has harnessed the unique qualities of this potent anti-inflammatory plant to magnify the benefits of its Everyface Eye Lifting Gel.

A synergy of cistus and myrtle hydrosols and rose and calendula oils also boost skin cell renewal to firm, tighten and reduce fine lines.

Antioxidant-packed rosewood oil also works to future-proof the skin of the eye area.

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