Cocktails With a Real Kick


Pharma Group, one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical laboratories in the field of dermatology and cosmetic medicine, has launched the Mesoestetic range, where each vial contains the precise quantity for one treatment session. belongs to, a comprehensive range of solutions and specific active substances in sterile ampoules for transcutaneous use. consists of three cocktails of active substances designed to treat ageing, dark spots and facial flaccidity. Their pH falls within the physiological pH range of between 6.5 and 7.5, helping to ensure an optimal level of skin tolerance. 210 depigmentation solution: A powerful combination of active substances that helps brighten and correct pigment and antioxidant changes. Its formula helps to inhibit tyrosinase and slow down melanin synthesis, noticeably unifying skin tone, while restoring brightness and vitality. Key ingredients are: tranexamic acid, which helps interfere with the interaction between melanocytes and keratinocytes; nicotinamide to help suppress melanosome transference; N-acetyl glucosamine to help inhibit post-transcriptional modification of tyrosine; and Vitamin C for an antioxidant and brightening effect 211 photoaging solution: Anti-ageing action with a flash effect thanks to its photo-protective, antioxidant, moisturising and firming effects. It helps protect the skin from environmental aggression and other factors such as stress, fatigue, smoking and pollution, as well as helping to correct fine wrinkles, counteract loss of tone and add luminosity. Key ingredients are: hyaluronic acid, an effective moisturiser capable of retaining thousands of times its weight in water; idebenone, with photoprotective and anti-free radical properties; taurine, for antioxidant and moisturising effect; Vitamin C, also for antioxidant effect, and to help counter wrinkles. 212 facial tightening solution: Formulated for an intensive tightening effect, it helps to restore firmness and counteract the effects of ageing on the face. It targets areas affected by loss of turgidity and is particularly suitable for cheeks, overall face contour and double chins. Key ingredients are: DMAE for antioxidant and firming effect; organic silicone, to encourage elastin fibre biosynthesis; lipoic acid, with antioxidant properties; and zinc to protect from free radicals.

The active substances are designed for use with transcutaneous penetration equipment and devices (such as rollers, microneedling, electroporation, iontophoresis), which allow them to penetrate by creating micro-channels in the skin. is available in boxes of five x 5ml vials, where each vial corresponds to one treatment session.


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