It’s A Win-Win


All-Australian Smitten Cosmetics ‘are as much about the person wearing my beautiful makeup products, as it is the products,’ says creator and CEO Caroline Stanbury.

‘In one way or another, I have been helping women feel empowered and beautiful for more than 20 years.

‘I am committed to breaking the myth that great makeup and skincare regimes only belong to a few women who have access to expensive products.

‘Smitten Cosmetics offers stunning makeup and skincares ranges; moreover the makeup cares for skin while concealing, perfecting and filling.

‘The products are natural-based where possible, have active ingredients and are beautifully packaged.’

If you’re not already smitten with this beautiful, affordable brand, here’s a good reason to make a date and feel the love.

If a client buys a Smitten Cosmetics Lip Gloss from you until March 31, and fill out their contact details (which must include their email), they could win the entire Lip Gloss range of 12 colours.


Smitten Whip lip glosses are just the icing on this stunning range that features the signature Whipped Mousse Mineral and Liquid Foundation Whip Lipsticks, Whipped Mousee Brow Contouring, Eyelash fibre extensions, Creamy Pencils for eyes, brows and lips and mineral and Whipped Mousse eye shadows 

Even better, Smitten provides you with all the marketing tools to not only promote the competition but will help grow your data base and get existing and new customer more engaged with and enthusiastic about your business.

To download a choice of A4 posters and other features to offer as your Valentine’s Day promotions visit

‘Valentine’s Day doesn’t only have to be about lovers – it is about love,’ says Caroline. ‘Other ideas for you can be `Give the gift of friendship by giving your BFF a gift voucher for” or `Give your daughter a life-changing experience this with the gift of a makeup lesson”.

‘You could also offer your data base a special if they book with you over the Valentine’s Day week. Launch a social media campaign asking what treatment they love most and offering them a discount on it or value add to it.

‘Of course none of this needs to end at Valentine’s Day. It is just a good excuse to contact people.

‘Promote, promote, promote your business every way and every opportunity you get. Make people aware of your point of difference – get noticed!

‘You love your clients and they love you. But you need to remind them. Thank them for being your special customer with a special deal/offer. Connect with your clients and encourage their loyalty.’


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