Crown Cleanse Shampoo

Show your scalp some love and bid farewell to a dry, itchy and flaky skin. Thanks to the power of prebiotics, STRAAND’s Crown Cleanse shampoo helps target the root cause by cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating your scalp. Think of it as skincare for your scalp. Your scalp needs a strong skin barrier and a well-balanced skin microbiome to thrive. Our Crown Cleanse Shampoo formula instantly hydrates and cleanses the scalp’s surface so you, and your scalp’s microbiome, can live your best life.

Treating the skin on your head as well as you treat the skin on your face, hair has a better chance at thriving by focusing on removing product build up, grime and balancing the biome. In tending to your hair through crown care, your scalp microbiome becomes a fertile ground for hair to thrive and grow, while renewing root hydration to give hair serious gloss.

“The way we see it, caring for your scalp is an essential part of your self-care routine,” says STRAAND. “It’s time to stop neglecting the skin on your head and embrace a new beauty routine that makes you feel good from root to tip.”

The best part? STRAAND does all of this with sensorial, indulgent rituals, leaning into the belief that scalp care is an integral part of your beauty routine and making caring for your scalp the ultimate pleasure.

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