Body Equipment Success

At $24,000 sales in the first month, this wellness centre’s latest investment breaks all records.

We heard about Megan Flux’s First Things First wellness centre’s outstanding success with her new body shaping service direction and asked her to fill us all in. This is her story:

‘My business is well established in Townsville focusing mainly on remedial massage, detoxification, Endermologie and weight loss, the success of which has been previously reported in Spa Australasia magazine (# 49, Not Your Mother’s Weight Loss Program feature) 

My latest addition is the Papilio Fat Burning System and in the 13 year existence of the business is outstandingly impressive.  I have made numerous expensive investments in order to realise great results for my clients and healthy profit for myself. But I have to say I have never experienced anything like this!

I was looking into and researching a new modality to add to our wellness clinic to tie in with our existing services of massage, detoxification and weight loss.  I was after a service that I could implement with minimal fuss that focused on a holistic approach.  I heard about Papilio Fat Burning System and I was attracted to it as it was a complete integrated system that could be easily introduced to complement our Ultra Lite License.   Ultra lite was already a great player in my business and I wanted a complimentary service that worked on the same principles, to burn fat!  As a business owner I look for simplicity and how it will affect operations and the fact that no additional staff were required was one of the most attractive draw cards. Also the overheads to implement this system were minimal; it was almost as easy as plug in and play!

I began pre-launch promoting that I had a new fat burning machine arriving and it just struck the right chord with the clients as it did with me…. none of us were wrong.

Our clients are losing dress sizes in a matter of weeks and it’s just incredible what it does to the lower body. My clients weren’t just impressed with the machine, so was I. One month later I now know that, Papilio was the RIGHT choice.. What impressed me the most was that it wasn’t just a machine. The seamless transition of the Papilio System into our clinic has made it a very fruitful experience. Being able to generate $24,000 of sales in the first month is generally unheard of for a new system. 

In my experience any time a new service is offered it takes months to implement, fine tune and grow. I would normally invest in a substantial marketing campaign to get it off the ground. However, I have not even needed to advertise this system outside our clinic at all. Our existing client base was the perfect backbone to offer free trials. From day one, we have not stopped. Not only has Papilio been lucrative for our business, it is so effective that we are now booked out for the next five weeks!  We have had to increase our opening hours to accommodate the clientele. This has meant the income potential has also increased which always makes me happy. 

Our clients are also impressed with the entire experience; every aspect of the client’s wellbeing is assessed and considered. They leave astounded by the attention to detail we give them and are blown away with the technology and functionality of the machine and the information that we present. From my staffs’ point of view, the sale is effortless, the client is begging to start and we have to dull their excitement until we can get them in. Having such a high demand for a service is a nice problem to have. 

The procedures and manuals that come with the machine are also detailed and resourceful. The training delivered was first class and comprehensive and left our staff confident, knowledgeable and passionate about this system and what it can do for our clients. It has been the most unproblematic conversion of a new service I have ever seen.

As a wellness centre owner, I would have to say it is the best business decision I’ve made in years! 

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