A New AI Photography App For Injectables

Did you know that there is a mobile and iPad app for cosmetic physicians that uses artificial intelligence to generate better before and after photos?

With the ever-growing popularity of aesthetic treatments and facial sculpting injectables, producing quality before and after photos has never been more paramount for practitioners. Unfortunately, the slightest change in angle rotation or camera orientation can considerably change how the outcome of a procedure is portrayed in photos, thereby misrepresenting a practitioner’s good work. If you’re still using mobile or iPad to capture your before and after images and aren’t yet ready to invest in a legitimate pre and post-photography set-up, this may be for you.

Treatment Pad aims to eliminate the risk of human error encountered when using mobile technology, by using artificial intelligence to analyse the subject and surrounds whilst taking the photo of the subject. Before a photograph is taken, computer vision algorithms run alongside the camera input to direct the user to take the perfect angles and positioned photos. This includes calculating the orientation of the model and ensuring that the field of view is respected to avoid narrow or wide results.

After taking photographs, Treatment Pad matches the before and after pictures accurately side by side with very little human interaction. This method means the technology uses defining identification features for an image to generate orientation data for the object in the photograph. This then allows for automatic correction of alignment and zoom of existing images. Treatment Pad associates each image with specific identifications, to allow for the filtering of similar images for manual generation, or automatic generation of before and after photographs.

Treatment Pad via the App Store

QLD physician and lead researcher for the project Dr. Nora Sadek says ‘I remember the struggles I used to have with getting accurate before and after pictures. Now with a click of a button the work is seamlessly done for me. I presented this during ASAPS earlier this year in Sydney and it got a lot of interest with some audience members pitching to invest. The application is now live and we have several users across Australia, UK and the USA.”

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