World Leaders Unite At Bali Wellness Summit

On November 28th, Seminyak played host to the highly anticipated Bali Wellness Summit, where some of the most experienced and prominent trailblazers in wellness, hotels and fitness congregated to speak about the current wellness landscape, as well as trends, insights, thought-leadership, innovations, their own experiences, and potential areas of growth for other businesses. SPA+CLINIC was lucky to attend the event – here’s how the day unfolded.

Down the stairs from Seminyak’s Alila hotel reception was the large conference area that hosted guests for the day, including a number of representatives from prominent Asia Pacific brands, venues, spas and resorts. Once guests collected their badges, they were welcomed through to the conference and networking area, overlooking a stunning view of the seaside pool and surrounds. The wellness theme extended through to the welcome drinks and nibbles available throughout the day, with offerings like juices and smoothies, raw brownies and fresh fruit and vegetable canapes.

The FIT Summit team

After thanking guests for attending, Fit Summit CEO Ross Campbell dove right into specific and rapid-fire trend forecasts, where we’re currently seeing growth and what we can anticipate over the coming months and years. Keynote speaker Tony De Leede, founder of Gwinganna and the Fitness First empire, then delivered a very inspiring address about what wellness means, and why it’s so important for business owners and operators to disrupt and innovate business structures and activities as the industry evolves. The programme to follow consisted entirely of panels that included a handful of industry leaders discussing their thoughts on a range of questions and topics – a refreshingly different format from most wellness and aesthetics conferences.

Nadine Dilong, Mala McAlpin (both SPA+CLINIC), Katherine Droga (GWI), Michelle Reeve (Waterlily), Theresa Winkler (Mandarin Oriental)

A huge emphasis on the day was placed on networking – undoubtedly a highlight for attendees. Guests enjoyed a huge 45 minutes of refreshment and networking time during morning tea, plus a 1 hour 10 minute lunch, a 50 minute networking and refreshment afternoon tea, and a stunning beach cocktail event in the evening overlooking the sunset. Ross and the team even went as far as to personally introduce individuals from businesses that might complement one another.

We chatted to Fit Summit’s Head – Wellness, Strategy & BD, Blair Campbell, to hear his thoughts on the day’s success.

Do you feel the conference was a success?
The consensus from the attendees was that it was a highly innovative, engaging event with a great deal of relevant content from senior-level leaders of industry that they can utilise to size and scale their businesses/brands and deliver optimal provisions/services for their customers.

Naturally, we are delighted and motivated to create a bigger and better event on April 15-16 in Singapore. We will host 1,000+ business owners/directors/investors from 400+ companies, hosting 75+ speakers, and 50+ exhibitors, with global leaders from wellness, spa, hospitality, corporate wellness & fitness.

What kind of feedback did you receive on the day?
There are many events for the spa, wellness, wellness tourism/travel, hospitality, fitness, corporate wellness, technology, investment, and innovation industries, but no other that holistically unites all these sectors together so influentially. We see an increased demand from consumers and brands for spa and clinics to be a spoke in the wellness wheel, that seeks to drive consumers/employees to the destination of wellbeing. I think our event brings together many industries all striving for the cross-collaboration that is vital to our industry’s future success, development, innovation and progress.

What were some highlights for you?
Having actively listened to so many informative discussions with business luminaries, engaged in networking with industry leaders with so much alignment that were previously unknown to each other, witnessing technologies and innovations than could transform the industry, I feel choosing a single highlight very difficult. This process itself is invigorating. For me, the greatest reward from any event comes from the collaborations of various brands, leaders and businesses to affect future change. Bringing together the best minds, hearts, voices and leadership from multiple industries is exactly how we drive change that is transformative, personalised, effectual, cost-effective, convenient and highly desirable to our communities. Only through this process will we gain the captivating advancements we seek.

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