Skin Analysis As It Should Be

Progressive clinic owners have described their skin analysers as their ‘insurance policies’ when it comes to patient satisfaction and evidence-based treatments.

How can you provide definitive evidence of your results? Take the ‘sales pitch’ out of client conversations? Take the guess-work out of skin analysis and set your practice apart from competitors?

Antera 3D® is a breakthrough in multispectral skin imaging. Developed by three physicists from Trinity College in Dublin, and designed for dermatologists, aesthetic doctors and dermal clinicians, this technology is now available in ANZ.

Dr. Guido Mariotto, one of the developers and CEO, says ‘The beauty of the device is that you can turn it on and it’s ready to go. We defined ease of use, portability and speed as three essential design features and it is much easier to use than what is already on the market.’

So why do you need this technology in your clinic?

You can accurately measure multiple skin features. The Antera 3D® is the only product currently available on the market that can analyse wrinkles, texture, volume, skin colour, redness and pigmentation with an accuracy of ± 5% – the best in the market. Progressive clinics measure results for patient satisfaction and medico-legal purposes, and easily create and maintain a history of clients’ treatments and results through the report generator. This device uses seven different light wavelengths from the whole visible spectrum, allowing for precise analysis unlike standard skin analysis systems with only three colour channels.

Unlike most other analysers which are only suitable for the face. Antera 3D® can be used anywhere on the face and body.

Antera 3D is fast, hand-held and easy-to-use. Images can be taken in less than one second and saved, analysed and generated as a report in about 90 seconds. Software is very easy to use and does not require lengthy training.
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