Why These 4 Practitioners Choose Fraxel

The advantages of Fraxel technology and how it has transformed the businesses of these leading medical aesthetic practitioners.

Fraxel, a cutting-edge laser technology, has become an indispensable asset for dermatologists and clinics worldwide. Renowned dermatologists such as Dr. Shobhan Manoharan and Dr. Philip Bekhor, as well as accomplished medical professionals Dr. Ingrid Tall and Emily Fenton, NP, have shared their appreciation for Fraxel and how it supports their respective practices. Its versatility in addressing various skin concerns, including sun damage, pigment irregularities, scarring, and rejuvenation, as well as its minimal downtime and robust safety profile has made it a go-to treatment option. 

Fraxel uses patented fractionated laser technology to target damaged skin with microscopic laser columns that penetrate deep into the skin tissue. The laser treats only a fraction of tissue at a time, leaving the surrounding tissue untouched, which promotes rapid healing. The device’s effectiveness and ability to deliver noticeable results in a single session set it apart from other treatments that often require multiple sessions. With its collagen-stimulating properties, customisable treatment settings and the capacity to treat all skin types, Fraxel offers clinicians the opportunity to tailor treatments to individual patients’ needs.

Dr Shobhan Manoharan, Dermatologist and Laser Specialist

Dr. Manoharan is one of Australia’s leading laser dermatologists. He specialises in the use of energy based devices for both medical and cosmetic dermatology. Based in Brisbane, Australia, he is the Medical Director of Dermatology Clinics Australia and training organisation DermEd.com.au

He is the founder of Brisbane Skin, and was previously the Managing Director of Westside Dermatology and Sweat Free Clinics. He is also past Director of Training for the Australasian College of Dermatology (QLD) and consultant dermatologist for L’Oreal Paris. He has a special interest in combination treatments for complicated scars (acne, traumatic, surgical and burns), pigmentation, laser rejuvenation, and surgical & non-surgical skin cancer management.  He is also an entrepreneur in the healthcare space, particularly in dermatology, pharmacy and telehealth.

What do you love about offering Fraxel and how does it support your business? 

Fraxel has been an outstanding investment and an extremely versatile device for our clinics. Based in Brisbane, our Brisbane Skin clinics have been able to offer consistent results for our patients with sun damage, pigment, scarring and for rejuvenation. Solta have worked with us to train our team brilliantly to be able to offer excellent, predictable outcomes for our patients.

We have built practices around our Fraxel service and protocols that ensure safety and results in 4 clinics with multiple Fraxel devices.

After-sales care, service, training and support has been outstanding and is one of the reasons we continue to collaborate with Solta.

Dr. Ingrid Tall, GP and Cosmetic Physician  

Dr Ingrid (MBBS, DIP COMN, FRACGP, FCPCA) is the Director & Owner of Cosmetic Image Clinics and Aquarius Health & Medi Spa with over 20 years of Cosmetic Medicine experience.

What do you love about offering Fraxel and how does it support your business?

We love using Fraxel in clinic – Fraxel is one of my favourite treatments in the armamentarium of cosmetic offerings. 

The most important part of your appearance has been shown to be your skin. More important than face shape and the presence of wrinkles. It is that split second decision that people make in six microseconds whether you look healthy and fresh or not which is based on the appearance and health of your skin. 

Fraxel is strong enough and makes a significant enough impact that in one treatment you can really see a difference, while so many other things need multiple treatments before you notice anything. 

When you use muscle relaxant and fillers, you look fresh and great, but the appearance of the skin in the areas in between needs to be addressed too, so you don’t have cognitive dissonance about how old a person is – it all needs to come together and fresh skin with Fraxel is the way to do this.

Collagen stimulation is the most important task that we have to freshen up people’s appearances – it’s also the most natural thing we can do to use people’s own collagen to make them look fresher.

Dr. Philip Bekhor, Associate Professor (Clinical) University of Melbourne.

Dr Bekhor is the Director of Laser Dermatology and the Laser Unit Department of Dermatology at Royal Children’s Hospital based in Parkville, Victoria. He is also a certified Moh’s skin cancer surgeon operating out of the Skin Health Institute, Carlton.

What do you love about offering Fraxel and how does it support your business?

I have been using my Fraxel 1927 for over 10 years now. It remains one of the most reliable pieces of equipment in my practice with consistently high satisfaction rates. Its not only improves solar dyschromia, it also controls solar keratoses and improves fine cheek wrinkling which is easily demonstrable on before and after photography. 

All treatments are tolerable with topical anaesthesia and complication rates are extremely low, with patient satisfaction very high. Patients are able to easily manage their own aftercare. I always feel confident when recommending Fraxel for improving solar and age-related concerns.

Emily Fenton, Nurse Practitioner in Dermatology and Founder of Skinfluence Clinic

Emily has a Masters in Nurse Practitioner Studies (University of Queensland) with a special interest area of Dermatology. After extensive training working under some of Queensland and even some of the most well-known medical and procedural dermatologists for 10 years, Emily established her own clinic Skinfluence.

What do you love about offering Fraxel and how does it support your business?

At Skinfluence Clinic we utilise our Fraxel both as a stand alone treatment or paired with other treatments for a multitude of skin concerns from actinic damage through to acne scarring. Alongside the versatility of treating various skin concerns, its wavelength selections and parameters allows us to treat the whole spectrum of skin types (Fitz 1-6) confidently and safely.

Over the years we have developed some of our own unique Fraxel protocols and parameters and are always satisfied with the reproducible results and reliability it yields.

Fraxel allows us to be creative and think outside of the box, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach with its use and one of the reasons Fraxel has supported us in our business. 

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