Why Clinics Worldwide Are Adding Sofwave To Their Treatment Menu

The new device on the block for non-invasive, yet effective, skin rejuvenation.

Sofwave is the new skin treatment solution with a smart yet simple approach that benefits both the practitioner and the patient. This non-invasive skin tightening treatment with proven clinical efficacy comes with minimal downtime, minimal discomfort and minimal risk of side effects with visible results achieved in just a single treatment.

Developed to treat skin laxity and address the appearance of lines and wrinkles, Sofwave’s pioneering SUPERB™ Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam technology enables treatment at the mid-dermis (the ideal treatment depth for ageing skin), while ensuring no damage to the epidermis or to the underlying structures beneath the dermis.

So what exactly is all the fuss about with Sofwave? We caught up with Managing Director of High Tech Medical, Matt Moncrieff, to learn why Sofwave is the number one choice for leading aesthetic clinics.

Matt, could you please elaborate a bit on the success of selling the device in Australia so far, why it’s a great asset for any aesthetic clinic, and the kind of customer support one gets when buying the device?

Matt Moncrieff, Managing Director, High Tech Medical.

“Riding on the global success of Sofwave, the recent launch in Australia has been overwhelmingly positive with great feedback from doctors, clinics and patients. Sofwave is an innovative, non-invasive ultrasound technology that truly is a game-changer. The ability to provide visible skin tightening and lifting results on the face and neck in just one treatment with minimal discomfort, minimal downtime and no damage to the epidermis or to the underlying structures beneath the skin makes it a standout in the market.

Additionally, Sofwave has just launched its new Authentication Programme, which the High Tech Medical team is rolling out. This initiative which is a simple patient-focused QR code verification process provides patients with the assurance that they are about to receive a genuine Sofwave treatment from an authentic Sofwave device”.

Sofwave’s Suberb™ Technology

Sofwave uses proprietary Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam Technology (SUPERB)™. These high frequency ultrasound beams propagate through the tissue and create an array of 7 cylindrical shaped thermal zones in the dermis separated by regions of undamaged tissue – thereby creating a fractional effect in the mid dermis.

The fractional ultrasound effect creates a controlled, elongated and directional, thermal coagulation, at the ideal depth of 1.5mm in the mid-dermis to achieve significant beneficial effects with minimal penetration, ensuring no damage to the epidermis or to underlying structures.

Additionally, the dermal tissue heating (60-70°C) stimulates collagen production and remodelling, relative to the skin wrinkles and visibly improves the overall appearance of ageing skin.

Sofwave’s Integrated Cooling System

Sofwave also features Sofcool™, an integrated cooling system with a real-time skin temperature monitoring mechanism.

It utilises unique thermo-cooled direct contact transducers and assists in directing the thermal effect in the mid-dermis, providing optimal skin surface protection, which manages patient discomfort very well and ensures a more comfortable treatment experience.

Sofwave’s Authentication Programme

Sofwave is also launching its unique Authentication Programme – a new initiative designed to safeguard patients by providing a unique tool to guarantee device authenticity and alert them about counterfeit copies.

The Authentication Programme is a simple patient-focused QR code verification process that validates the authenticity of the Sofwave device, providing them the assurance that are receiving a genuine Sofwave treatment.

The key benefits of Sofwave:

  • Fast treatment, with 1-2 passes (45 minutes full face)
  • Visible results in a single treatment
  • High density and uniformed deposition of energy at ideal depth, 1.5mm mid-dermis
  • High levels of coverage achieved with each pulse
  • Non-invasive, with minimal downtime and discomfort
  • Treats all skin types
  • Easy to use, train and delegate
  • Consistent, reproducible, reliable results
  • Can be used as a standalone or combination treatment
  • Fast ROI

For more information, visit hightechmedical.com.au/product/sofwave

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