Prof Bob Khanna Tells Us Why Emerald’s New Fat Loss Technology Is A Game Changer

Introducing the world’s first low level green laser to target overall body circumference reduction.

The EMERALD laser stands as a groundbreaking innovation that sets itself apart from the crowd. Unlike conventional methods, the EMERALD laser utilises low level cold laser technology, emitting (10) 532 nm green lasers, which targets hypertrophic adipocytes without invasive procedures or the complete obliteration of fat cells. Instead, it triggers a metabolic transformation, turning sluggish fat cells into active, lean ones.

We delve into the science behind EMERALD with Prof Bob Khanna, one of the world’s most eminent and respected aesthetics practitioners, as he sheds light on the distinctive qualities of this remarkable technology that is reshaping the landscape of body sculpting.

Explore how it differs from other fat removal techniques, and uncover the unexpected benefits it offers, extending far beyond mere fat reduction.

Prof Khanna, explain to us how the Emerald laser is so different to other lasers on the market?

The EMERALD laser is a non-invasive low level laser that emits (10) 532 nm green lasers onto the skin to treat hypertrophic adipocytes. The treatment emulsifies the adipose tissue and releases excess fatty materials into the interstitial space. From there, the fat is passed through the body during its natural course of detoxification through the lymphatic system.

Erchonia’s low level lasers create a stimulation of cytochrome C oxidase, resulting in increased mitochondrial activity, resulting in increased ATP, NADH, and RNA and cellular respiration; increased nitric oxide synthase activity and nitric oxide production; and increased reactive oxygen species, which play an important role in cell signalling, cell cycle progression, enzyme activation, and synthesis of proteins and nucleic acids.

How does the EMERALD differ from other methods of fat removal?

If you are looking only at spot reduction, you should be aware that those procedures that kill fat cells can (at best) provide temporary improvement in your appearance. Statistics show that within the first year, the fat cells will regenerate or grow larger in new areas of your body, such as the arms and back, to compensate for what was taken (perhaps the fat organ’s attempt to heal itself). Fat will then start to regenerate in the treated areas.

The latest research shows that in fact these fat cells can multiply up to 300 billion times, shattering the previous notion that fat cells could only grow larger, but couldn’t grow new cells. Yes, you read that right — our bodies can grow new fat cells! This is where a procedure like EMERALD can make a significant difference.

Nadine Dilong with Prof Bob Khanna at the Sydney launch event of Emerald

Can fat cells regenerate?

We need to understand, what are we trying to achieve as a clinician and as a patient when we talk about fat reduction. Are we trying to kill fat cells? Because that’s what we’ve been led to believe, is the sort of gold standard, kill all the fat cells, nuke them all and be done with them?

We never asked the questions that we should have asked: actually, is that sustainable? What actually happens long term, and do fat cells regenerate? Yes.

What we know now, unequivocally, is that fat cells do regenerate. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. So ultimately, that means that you can pretty much remove most fat reduction type systems from your office that either heat the fat cells up to a temperature that completely obliterates them and causes necrosis, or freezes them to temperatures to effectively do the same thing, both options are not sustainable long-term.

What makes Emerald very, very different is that we’re actually maintaining the metabolic function of the fat cells. What we’re doing is we’re converting these fat cells from being lazy fat cells into fully functional fat cells, lean fat cells that actually then have the ability to, through a cascade system of communication, talk to other adipose cells in the body, and get them to do the same thing. This is, like I say, a complete paradigm shift.

How can the laser energy target the fat tissue, and what other benefits does it provide?

We need to understand the very fact that what we’re really looking at is non thermal energy, and we’re really using photons in a very favourable fashion.

Photonic energy is very, very useful for all cells, to actually improve mitochondrial efficiency. What that means is if we understand that the mitochondria are the very powerhouse of every single living cell in our body, if we up regulate the production of ATP, in our mitochondria, what we’re now entering into is a situation where our body can perform much better every single function in our body – so ultimately, we are going to improve the wellbeing of that patient functionality.

Energy levels and anti-aging itself, is linked to mitochondrial inefficiency. So if we actually understand that we’re going to improve mitochondrial efficiency on a global level, we’re opening up Pandora’s box here, we’re in a very favourable way. So we’re able to really offer our patients a lot more than just fat reduction. So I make a big play for this when I talk about this in my consultations with my patients, that we’re not just talking about fat reduction, yes, we’re going to make you sleep better. We’re going to improve hormonal efficiency, we’re going to improve your insulin sensitivity levels, and we’re going to improve your fatigue.

In short, what we’re able to do is actually impregnate the cellular membrane, create transient pores, which stay patient for about 48 to 72 hours to allow leakage. Essentially, the fat becomes emulsified into the triglycerides, the free fatty acids that actually then pour out of the membrane, and are then able to be drained by the lymphatic system.

So, at a subclinical level, essentially, what we’re then doing is actually promoting metabolic removal of this fat via lymphatic drainage, as I said, and as long as you maintain a healthy light lifestyle, and obviously good dietary control, what you’ll do is expedite that process, so those fat cells will essentially implode and actually get smaller. You’re taking these fat, lazy fat cells, and essentially reducing them down to lean functioning fat cells, which is easier to maintain for the long term.

In Australia, Emerald is distributed by InnovaMed Aesthetics, learn more here.

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